2014 Plenary: 1st report


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The 2014 CIVL Plenary ended in Bali this February 23rd. Some 40 delegates and alternate delegates representing 27 countries were present. Also many observers from Indonesia and Singapore were present. Four days of work and many decisions. Here is a quick sum-up. More later!

These FAI 2016 championships have been approved:

  • European PG Championships to Macedonia.
  • World Aerobatic Championship to France.
  • European PG Accuracy Championships to Lithuania.
  • Asian and Oceanian PG Accuracy Championships to Kazakhstan.                                         

Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Helmets: new standards are allowed (coming from snow sports).

Penalties for violation of airspace rules are re-defined.

All rules for scoring Category 1 events are now included in new document called "CIVL GAP 2014". GPS distance and altitude measurements are redefined, altitude correction with “true altitude” implemented.

General declaration on use of safety equipment is added to Section 7.

Pilots will have to write in their post task report their estimation of the cloud base altitude

Hang Gliding

Implementation of pre-defined evaluation form for risk assessment. The goal of the workflow is to increase risk awareness, utilize a standardized risk assessment to increase the safety for pilots by improving the decision process for the safety committee and safety director, and add feedback and transparency to further improve the safety work during a competition and for future events.


The new CIVL Competition Class has unanimously passed. The CCC requirements are published here. Revision may be proposed in one year. At all times, if needed, CIVL Bureau has the power to adjust the requirements. The PG-Committee will be consulted before such adjustments are made.

During the next European and Pan-American championships glider controls will be carried out. Guidelines will be published on what to measure, how and with what tolerances. These will be in accordance with CCC measurements and tolerances. CIVL will send someone to do the measurement, on CIVL budget.

WPRS is reorganized so ranking per continent is possible. For European championships, the reference will be the European WPRS.

The Pilot Experience Declaration form is updated.


Section 7 have been approved. They concerns: Equipment, persons entitled to impose warnings, validation of the competition, prize money, number of pilots, entry fee, judging panel, technical scoring, the “APWC Evolution” competition format, panel of judges…

Paragliding Accuracy

Discussions on many items including past and future competitions. Discussion on Section 7 on: use of radios; definitions of flight plan and  final approach, judges discretion, guidelines for hill launch setting, measuring devices, defending champion, target. Also discussed: records and badges and competitions with two targets.