Plenary 2014: What's up in PG Accuracy?



The PG Accuracy Committee held an Open meeting for a two days. Almost 30 people attended.

The 2013 key competitions where reviewed: World Games in Colombia, World championship in Bosnia-Herzegovina, pre-Asian in Malaysia and pre-European in Serbia. Two bids were received for the 2016 championships:

the 5th European in Lithuania and the 3rd Asian in Kazakhstan. Both were considered as safe and suitable places and organization for Cat 1 competitions.

Section 7 changes were proposed, some agreed and some not.


  • Radio: voice radio transmitters are allowed for reasons of safety and communication between the organizer, team leaders and the pilots. Safety frequencies must be used for a safety reasons only. Allowed radios frequencies shall be specified in the LR.
  • Re-launches: OK if the competitor changes his flight plans for safety reasons, whatever they are, and then does not attempt to land on the target.
  • Location of target: no minimum height difference required.
  • Measuring device: dead centre to be 2cm. A 2cm or 3cm DC can be used in any cat.2 competitions till 31.12.2015. Device and DC diameter will be specified in LR.
  • Current Champions, male and female (world and continental) shall be allowed a discretionary entry to defend their title if not selected for their national team by their NAC but they shall not score for their nation.
  • Continentals championships: if any suitable spots remain, pilots from other continents will be accepted.
  • Records and badges: new references.

Not agreed:

  • New definition of of final approach.
  • New wording for re-launch at the judges discretion.

Also discussed:

  • New wording for the definition of the target and the measurement field.
  • Proposition to use two targets, on competition. Discussed and decided to try use it in Cat 2 competitions, and then share the practical information.
  • World Games: as they are, the scheme of invitation for those who are able to join is for individual, not for country. Invitation should be based on country and quota applied based on the country ranking, not based on the athletes ranking.
  • Albania and China to bid  for the 2017 World Championship.
  • Proposition to extend the teams till 5 members plus 3.

The Plenary followed unanimously the Open meeting proposals.