Plenary 2014 : CIVL GAP published


This document contains all definitions required to score centralized cross-country competitions for both hang-gliding and paragliding. Its main purpose is to serve as an amendment to sections 7A and 7B of the FAI sporting code.

Additionally, it should serve as an educational tool for all parties involved in such competitions, as a reference for the implementation of scoring systems, as well as a basis for future improvements and modifications.

The document’s scope is restricted to scoring of FAI Category 1 cross-country competitions for hang-gliding and paragliding: World and Continental championships in both sports. CIVL’s rule setting targets these competitions exclusively, whereas organizers of FAI Category 2 competitions as well as non-sanctioned competitions are free to score their competitions however they like. Most of them do follow CIVL’s lead, though, so this document should also cover the majority of Category 2 events as well.