FAI News 25/04

CIMA : New President FAI Executive Board : First Meeting New World Record Claims for Aeroplanes and Model Aircraft

New President for the FAI Microlight Commission
At the recent FAI Microlight Commission (CIMA) meeting in Lausanne, Mr Tomas Backman (SWE) was elected President, succeeding Mr Tormod Veiby (NOR), who, on his retirement from the presidency was elected CIMA President of Honour.

We offer our warmest congratulations to Mr Backman, who also becomes, ex officio, a FAI Vice President, and our thanks to Mr Veiby for his long years of distinguished service.

The CIMA Bureau also has two other new members : Mr. Richard Meredith-Hardy (GBR) was elected 1st Vice President, and also assumes the post of Chairman of the newly-created CIMA Paramotor Sub-Committee. Mr. Keith Negal (GBR) was elected the new Secretary of CIMA.

Updated list of CIMA delegates

First Meeting of the new FAI Executive Board
The newly elected FAI Executive Board recently held its first meeting at FAI Headquarters in Lausanne

The FAI President Pierre Portmann distributed the portfolios as following :
Mr Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon : Deputy to President
Mr Robert Clipsham : Finances
Mr Bengt-Eric Fonsell : Development of Services to FAI Members
Mr Hideo Hirasawa : FAI Membership, statutory and legal issues
Mr Jerzy Makula : Development of Services to FAI Contest Organizers
Mr Bruce J. Worth : FAI World Air Games and FAI World Grand Prix

The main issues discussed by the Board were :
- ICAO Licensing Panel
- IWGA World Games, Duisburg 2005
- FAI Centenary 2005
- "High Flyers", the FAI Anniversary Book
- Modernisation of Internet Website
- Protection of FAI Intellectual Property Rights
- Production of new FAI flags
- FAI Membership Issues
- Registration of FAI Logo

The next meeting of the FAI Executive Board is planned to be held in February 2005 in Paris.

New World Record Claims
Some of the new World Record Claims recently received by FAI

Class C - Aeroplanes / Claim number 9953
Sub-class : C-1c (Landplanes : take-off weight 1000 to 1750 kg)
Group 1 : piston engine
Type of record : Speed over a recognised course
Course/location : Palm Beach, FL (USA) - St. Louis, MO (USA)
Performance : 280 km/h
Pilot : Richard L. KANE (USA)
Aircraft : Cirrus SR22
Date : 04.11.2004
Current record : new

Class C - Aeroplanes / Claim numbers 9954 - 9955
Sub-classes : C-1 (Landplanes) and C-1b (Landplanes : take-off weight 500 to 1000 kg)
Group 1 : piston engine
Type of records : Time to climb to a height of 12 000 m
Course/location : Angleton, TX (USA)
Performance : 20 min 47 sec
Pilot : Bruce BOHANNON (USA)
Aircraft : Bohannon B-1
Date: 13.11.2004
Current records : 23 min 41 sec (18.10.2003 - Bruce BOHANNON, USA)

Class F - Model Aircraft / Claim number 9971
Sub-class : F3A (Aeroplane, piston motor)
Category : F3 Radio controlled flight
Type of record : N°144 - Distance to goal and return
Course/location : Jacksonville, FL (USA)
Performance : 330.19 km
Pilot : Giorgio AZZALIN (USA)
Date: 21.11.2004
Current record : new

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the record ratified (if appropriate).

For further information on World Records, please consult the latest news, including all claims pending ratification, at FAI World Records.