CIACA Plenary Meeting 2010

The FAI Amateur-Built & Experimental Commission (CIACA) held its Annual Plenary Meeting on 12 April 2010 in Friedrichshafen (GER).

Participation in the World Air Games 2009, Turin (ITA)
The Delegates made an extensive debriefing of CIACA’s participation in the World Air Games 2009 and expressed their great satisfaction for having been part of the sports programme.
At the main venue (Turin-Aeritalia Airport), the Workmanship Contest allowed the public to look at some excellently built or restored aircraft : Electrically- and solar-powered aircraft were even part of the show.
CIACA raised much interest from the public and media with its Public Construction project held on the centrally-located San Carlo Square in Turin : Starting with boxes on the first day, a small international group of young volunteers worked throughout the week to build a Skyranger aircraft; the first flight was achieved on the last day of the World Air Games. The complete story of this amazing adventure is available at the CIACA Webpage.

The Henri Mignet Diploma was awarded to the PIK-25 Varttimarkka project achieved by Mr. Jarmo Hakala (FIN) after some 7’000 hours spent on designing and building. Thanks to large tanks and low fuel consumption, his all-composite 2-seater aircraft has an endurance of some 17 flight hours. Its turbocharged Diesel engine accepts Diesel, Biodiesel and Jet A1. The aircraft made its first flight in 2007.

FAI Sporting Code for Electrically-Powered Airplanes
Considering the latest technological developments and the emergence of several new electrically-powered aircraft prototypes, the CIACA decided to give higher priority to the finalization of the Section 14 of the FAI Sporting Code, which will set out the rules and procedures to verify flight performances and world records achieved with Electrically-Powered Aeroplanes.

Mr. Pierluigi DURANTI (ITA) was re-elected as CIACA President. Ms Catherine DARTOIS (FRA) and Mr. Alfons HUBMANN (SUI) were elected as 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, and Mrs Elaine FECHER (GER) as Secretary (Complete list of CIACA Officers and Delegates)

Next Plenary Meeting
18 April 2011, Friedrichshafen (GER)
Further information will be provided at www.fai.org/homebuilt/meetings in due time.