CIVA Plans for 2007

The FAI Aerobatics Commission met in Krakow, Poland on 3-5 November and laid plans for the 2007 FAI Aerobatic Championships season. Three "classical" Championships are planned next year as well as another World Grand Prix event in Motegi, Japan. The three Championships will include the World Aerobatic Championships (in Unlimited category) now set for 24 June through 4 July in Granada, Spain. Contest Director will be Antonio Quintana. This will be the third world event the Spanish have organized since 2001. The competition will take place at Armilla Military Base. In the Advanced category, the European Advanced Aerobatic Championships will be held in Joensuu, Finland. The Advanced has grown rapidly in recent years with the largest World Championships held in Radom, Poland this past summer. Advanced offers a category that is less expensive for pilots and with many more aircraft available that are competitive. The Joensuu contest will be held on 20-28 July 2007 and will be directed by Matti Peura. The World Glider Aerobatics Championships is planned for Niederoeblarn, Austria -- site of the 1999 event. The Austrians have a long and rich tradition in gliders and have done a magnificent job of organizing past events. Contest Director is Manfred Echter of Germany and the competition will take place on 16-25 August 2007. CIVA also chose contest officials for all events, the Known compulsory sequences for all categories of flying (to be published elsewhere on this website soon), and received the reports of various contest officials who were in charge of the 2006 events held under the FAI banner. Mike Heuer was re-elected as President of CIVA, how having served 20 years in this position. He was recognized by CIVA for his two decades of service at this meeting. Karl Berger of Austria also retired as the Vice President of Glider Aerobatics and Chairman of the Glider Aerobatics Sub-Committee. Karl has presided over the Sub-Committee for 23 years and has seen glider aerobatics competition grow from non-existent to thriving and active. CIVA agreed to meet in Vilnius, Lithuania next year.