WAC First Unknown Continues into Second Day

The 1st Unknown programme of the World Aerobatic Championships in Granada was not completed last night and continues into Friday, June 29th. The surface wind and the 500 meter wind exceeded the limits toward the end of the day and flying was called off. Italian pilot Sergio Dallas (number 42 in the flight order) was the last to fly. Alexander Krotov resumed the programme this morning in his Sukhoi 26 (RF00665) and it is expected that the Unknown will be finished this morning and before lunch. After the programme is completed, scores will be immediately processed by Scoring Director Michel Dupont and from these results, the order of flight will be determined. Pilots are divided into 3 groups in accordance with their standing in the competition and a random draw within the groups is done by the contest scoring computer. Flying will likely carry on into the evening. After Programme 1 is completed this morning, a test flight will be made by British pilot Mark Jefferies after the replacement of a crankshaft seal in his Extra 300S.