Minutes of CIVL Plenary 2017 are published


We have pleasure in informing you that the Minutes of the last FAI Hang Gliding & Paragliding Commission (CIVL) Plenary Meeting, held in Salzburg (AUT), are now published on the FAI website :

You can download Minutes by this link.

You can also find them in Documents section  in 2017 >>  PlenarySalzburg (Austria), 4-5 February 2017 chapter.

What's Up With The Accuracy Committee?



The Paragliding Accuracy Committee has been slightly modified and it is a pleasure to see so many enthusiastic persons who want to develop this sport.


Brazilia Class 1 and Women's HG Worlds 2017: Local regulations are approved

Brazilia Class1 and Women Hang Gliding Worlds 2017


21st FAI World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship and 14th FAI Women's World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship are organized by Confederação Brasileira de Voo Livre, on behalf of the Confederação de Aerodesporto do Brasil. The event will be held on 6th – 19th August, 2017 in Brasília (Brazil).

Local Regulations approved on 6/02/2017 are published.

Download link 


15th FAI World Paragliding Championship, Monte Avena, Italy 2017





Hurry up to join! Registration is open only till March 31, 2017.

15th FAI Paragliding World Championship will be held from July 1st till July 15th, 2017 in the famous Italian flying site of Monte Avena. This place has hosted numerous competitions including Alpen Cup 2014, Italia open 2015 and Pre-Worlds 2016.


See presentation of the place in BID's video.


Official web site: http://www.monteavena2017.org/

Registration  is here: https://airtribune.com/worlds2017/

Link to event on FAI Calendar





CIVL GAP 2016 v 1.1 update



The CIVL GAP 2016 document was updated to version 1.1


Corrected Figures 6 and 7 (point allocation graphs)

Latest version 1.1 can be downloaded here

FS 2016 has been released


Software group informs that FS 2016 version has been released.

It includes the 2016 versions of the GAP and PWC scoring formulas, along with some bug fixes.


You can check updates and download latest FS version here: http://fs.fai.org/trac/wiki/FS2016

GAP 2016 v1.1 can be downloaded here.

CIVL GAP 2016 v 1.0 has been published


CIVL GAP 2016 Version 1.0  has been released. It is the updated version of GAP 2016.

GAP 2016  the changes approved at 2016 CIVL Plenary were added:

 PG: Double the amount of available leading points (reducing time points accordingly)
 PG: If no pilot in goal, the leading points weight is proportional to the task distance covered by pilots, up to 100 points.
 HG: Jump the gun penalty is now one point for every 2 seconds (was for every 3 seconds).

 Download complete document here.

2017 Plenary: What’Up With Hang Gliding


There were quite a few proposals from the Committee and Austria to discuss, and also the coming Class 1 World in Brazil.


2017 Plenary: What's Up With Paragliding?


There was no written report from this Committee in the Agenda, so read carefully what was discussed !


2017 Plenary: What’s Up with HG & PG?



The first Open meeting of the Plenary is dedicated to issues common to hang-gliding and paragliding cross-country. There is no specific agenda to the meeting. The Plenary Agenda is scrolled down and appropriate issues discussed as they pop up.


2017 Plenary: What's Up With Accuracy?




The long Open meeting turned into a true Committee meeting agreeing many proposals for consideration by the plenary. All these proposals were approved by the Plenary.