2005 FAI World Cups of Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events and Canopy Formation

World Cup 2005

Thursday 27 October - 18.00 hrs

Formation Skydiving 10 rounds completed in 8-way Final placings

805 Arizona Airspeed   Rd8 21 Rd9 16 Rd10 21 Total:205
804 Lapalisse Maubeuge Rd8 21 Rd9 18 Rd10 19 Total:202
803 R.T/ Evolution Pro Rd8 15 Rd9 15 Rd10 17 Total:164
802 Italy Ex3mo        Rd8 16 Rd9 12 Rd10 13 Total:145
801 Deguello           Rd8 11 Rd9  6 Rd10  9 Total: 90

10 rounds completed in 4-way Female Final placings


1st FAI European Canopy Piloting Parachuting Championship

The final result of the Canopy Piloting 1st European Championship is: 1st Bruno BROKKEN Bel 2nd Paul ROSSOUW Ger 3rd Pablo HERNANDEZ Esp Full results can be found at: htpp://www.skyday.net/

2nd FAI Open European Freeflying Championships

Stupino (Russia) 03.07.2005 - 10.07.2005 Freeflying 1st France 2nd France 2 3rd Norway The full results can be found at: http://www.malevskycup.ru/results-eng.shtml

2nd FAI Women's European Formation Skydiving Championship

Stupino (Russia) 03.07.2005 - 10.07.2005 4- Way 1st France 2nd Russia 3rd Germany the full results can be found at: http://www.malevskycup.ru/results_eng.shtml

6th FAI Open European Formation Skydiving Championships - Results

Stupino (Russia) 03.07.2005 - 10.07.2005 4-Way Open 1st Belgium 2nd Russia 3rd Norway 8-Way Open 1st France 2nd Russia 3rd Italy Full results can be found on: http://www.malevskycup.ru/results_eng.shtml

World Games - Results Duisburg (Germany) 14 - 17 July 2005

Supurb organisation and an excellent competition with the final winners: Accuracy - Open 1st Istvan ASZTALOS - HUN 2nd Stefan WIESNER - GER 3rd Savas KOGYIGIT - TUR Freeflying - Open 1st France 1 2nd Germany 3rd USA Formation Skydiving 4-way - Open 1st USA 2nd Russia 3rd Italy Freestyle - Open 1st Nils PREDSTRUP - Martin KRISTENSEN - DEN 2nd Robin DUBUISSON - Nicolas ARNAUD - FRA 3rd Yoko OKAZAKI - Alexander ZOHMANN - JAP Canopy Piloting - Open 1st Jay MOLEDZKI - CAN 2nd Shennon PILCHER - USA


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