Programme Q Completed at WAC

Programme Q at the XXIV. World Aerobatic Championships completed last night with Castor Fantoba of Spain winning first place followed by Renaud Ecalle of France and Oleg Shpolyanskiy of Russia. Programme Q is the "Known Compulsory" sequence, the results of which are used to determine Order of Flight for Programme 1, the Free Programme, and to provide familiarization to the pilots of the aerobatic box and to "warm up" the International Judges panel. The results of "Q" are not included in the results of the Championships but still is regarded as an important flight by pilots. Flying of the Free Programme began late today due to a delayed start of the competition. Winds were a problem in mid-day and the judging position had to be moved as well as markings in the box for the pilots. Competition will continue to sunset tonight.