WAC 1st Unknown Results Final

The results for the 1st Unknown at WAC in Granada became official at 10.30 today, 1st of July. Ramon Alonso of Spain has taken the FAI Gold Medal in the flight, followed by Renaud Ecalle of France, and Mikhail Mamistov of Russia. In the overall results, Renaud Ecalle retains a lead of only 16 points over Alonso. Team results are also very close so it will be a "photo finish" at the end. Programme 4 -- the Final Freestyle -- is now underway to a very large crowd at Armilla Air Base and will be finished today. The airshow here will begin at 11.30, so if any pilots are left from the group of 18 who are flying the "4 Minute", they will continue after the airshow. Briefing for the selection of figures for the 2nd Unknown is set for this afternoon or evening, depending on the progress of Programme 4. This programme must be completed before Unknown figure selection can be made. Originally 20 pilots were selected to fly Programme 4 but two dropped out at the last moment. Results can be found at http://civaweb.mwebservices.net/.