Day 2 Paragliding Worlds Monte Avena - 90 on goal.

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 15th FAI World Paragliding Championship Day 2, Task 2 - 93 km Race to goal. It was a long and challenging task. Over 90 on goal after more than 4 hours in the air.


At first they went well high along the ridges but later when arrived to the valley the gaggle split. About 30% of pilots landed. The lucky ones lost a lot of time searching for thermals. Tired as dead on Goal but the applause of the public gave new force. 

The winners of today are Honorin Hamard (FRA), Dusan Oroz (SLO) and Pierre Remy (FRA). The first in Women was Seiko Naville Fukuoka (FRA).
After 2 tasks the leaders are Pierre Remy (FRA), Honorin Hamard (FRA), Dusan Oroz (SLO). In Women leaders are our reckoned Seiko Fukuoka Naville (FRA) and Silvia Buzzi Ferraris (ITA) and a new star on a paragliding sky - Kari Ellis (AUS). There are a lot of flying days ahead, we wish our competitors good luck.

Results are here https://airtribune.com/worlds2017/results
Interview with leaders here https://www.facebook.com/fai.civl/videos/264671777343041/
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