World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Dimitar Ralev (BUL)

Name Dimitar RALEV RALEV Dimitar
Sport Accuracy Landing
Gender M
Ranking 4
Nationality BUL
Year of birth 1962
Start year in the sport 1992
Experience over 3000 hours
Best achievement in competition European Champion 2012

What equipment do you use?

Team 5 Green B

What do you hope to achieve at The World Games?

Perform to the best of my abilities and hopefully win the competition.

How do you describe yourself ?

I am a very self driven individual with high discipline and inclination for success. My interpersonal skills provide me with the ability to achieve whatever task I set to myself, mainly with a lot of hard work and determination.

What does air sport mean to you?

Considering I have been in the air sports since 1977 I could easily state that air sports mean the life to me. I am very enthusiastic and believe will remain so for many years ahead.

What plans do you have for after The World Games?

7th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship in Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo in August