The Juniors at the 2016 FAI S World Championships for Space Models in Lviv, Ukraine

learning to_make_rockets“Yesterday was stressful,” says 11 year old Ashley Van Milligan. “My engine wasn’t lighting and you only have a limited amount of time.” Van Milligan is one of six under 18s competing with the American team, and one of 65 from 11 countries.

For Van Milligan it’s a family sport. Her 16-year-old sister Alison is also competing. Both girls suffered with technical challenges. Allison’s altimeter started reading too early, so didn’t record one of her flights properly.

“Problem solving is a big part of space modelling” says Emma Kristal, the assistant manager for the junior team. “It helps them develop self-confidence and self-reliance.”

In the end despite difficulties Ashley had scoring flights in all three of her rounds in the S1A altitude competition, one of the more technically difficult categories, and won silver with her two stage rocket reaching 394m

USA team_with_Sisters_Allison_and_medal_winning_Ashley_Van_Milligan_in_the_front_row

(USA team, with Sisters Allison and medal winning Ashley Van Milligan in the front row)

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Photo credit: FAI / Andy Pag