IPPI Card: Portugal

Is the IPPI Card accepted in your country ?


What is the minimum legal insurance coverage required in your country ?

The minimum capital at Third Party Insurance (Civil Liability) will be PTE 50.000.000$ / EUR 250.000 during 2002.
Personal Bodily Injuries Insurance (for pilots, during 2001):
Death or permanent disability – up to PTE 3750.000 / EUR 18.705
Treatments/ medical expenses – PTE 570.000 / EUR 2.843

What additional coverage does your country recommend (such as medical insurance, search and rescue etc...) ?

We recommend higher capitals:
Death or permanent disability – up to PTE 15750.000 / EUR 78.560
Treatments/ medical expenses – PTE 4.070.000 / EUR 20.301
and Temporary disability – PTE 5.000 per day (minimum)

Is your NAC prepared to provide a special insurance coverage for guest pilots who do not comply with your national law ?

Yes, during the competition.

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