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Mme Kim (Head of FKA) and FAI President with KAI T-50 Trainer

SportAccord, Seoul /
Successful FAI Seminar for Event Directors / Succès pour le Séminaire pour directeurs de compétitions
CIACA Plenary Meeting / New World Record Claims / Competition Update

SportAccord - Seoul (KOR)

FAI President Pierre PORTMANN and Secretary General Max BISHOP visited Korea recently for discussions with the Federation of Korea Aeronautics (FKA) and to participate in the 2006 “SportAccord” Congress.

As elsewhere in Asia, air sports are developing fast in Korea under the aegis of the FKA. The FAI leaders discussed with FKA President Madame Kim Kyung O and Asiania President Lee Jong Hoon the future of air sports in the region.
KAI CEO receives FAI and Chinese delegations
The FAI delegation was also received with great hospitality by Mr Hae Joo Chung, CEO of Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd (KAI) in Sacheon City. A tour of the production plant was arranged where a wide and impressive range of civilian and military aircraft and components are manufactured.

The SportAccord Congress included the annual meetings of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), the Association of IOC Recognised Sports Federations (ARISF) and the International World Games Association (IWGA), organisations in which the FAI is playing an increasingly influential role.

Successful FAI Seminar for Event Directors

From 7 to 9 April 2006, the Danish House of Sports in Bröndby (near Copenhagen) hosted the first FAI Seminar for Event Directors.

26 persons from 20 different countries on 5 continents attended the Seminar, organized under the initiative and leadership of FAI Executive Director Bengt-Eric FONSELL. The main objective of the Seminar was to allow event organizers to share experience in order to improve the attractiveness and organisation of FAI Competitions.

Experts made high-quality presentations on public & media relations, safety, insurance and environmental aspects, and these raised many questions amongst the participants, who shared their ideas during lively and interesting discussions. The presence of 8 air sports and 2 FAI Technical Commissions was an excellent opportunity for the participants to widen their horizons by hearing about problems encountered and successes achieved in other air sports. The presence of Mr Toralf NILSSON, Secretary General of the 19th European Athletics Championships 2006 in Gothenburg (SWE), brought an additional dimension to the Seminar and provided the participants with many useful hints.

The participants welcomed the networking opportunities provided by the Seminar, and hoped that other such seminars would be organized in the future.

Succès pour le Séminaire FAI pour directeurs de compétitions

La Maison du Sport danoise à Bröndby (près de Copenhague) a accueilli, du 7 au 9 avril 2006, le premier Séminaire FAI pour directeurs de compétitions.

Organisé sur l'initiative de M. Bengt-Eric FONSELL, Directeur exécutif de la FAI, ce séminaire a rassemblé 26 personnes venues de 20 pays différents sur 5 continents. L'objectif principal du Séminaire consistait à permettre aux organisateurs de compétitions de partager leurs expériences afin d'améliorer l'attractivité et l'organisation des compétitions FAI.

Les exposés de grande qualité présentés par des experts invités à s'exprimer sur des thèmes tels que les relations avec le public et les médias, la sécurité, les assurances et l'environnement, ont suscité de nombreuses questions des participants, qui ont pu échanger leurs idées au cours d'intéressantes discussions. La présence de 8 sports aériens et de 2 Commissions techniques de la FAI a offert aux participants la possibilité d'élargir leurs horizons, et de découvrir les problèmes et succès rencontrés au sein d'autres sports aériens. La présence de M. Toralf NILSSON, Secrétaire général des 19èmes Championnats d'Europe d'Athlétisme 2006 à Göteborg (SWE), a également apporté une dimension supplémentaire au Séminaire, et permis aux participants de profiter de ses nombreux conseils pratiques.

Les participants ont relevé que ce séminaire leur avait permis d'étendre leur réseau de connaissances; ils ont par ailleurs exprimé le souhait que de tels séminaires soient à nouveau organisés à l'avenir.

CIACA Plenary Meeting

The FAI Amateur Built & Experimental Commission (CIACA) held its Annual Plenary Meeting on 31 March 2006 in Paris (FRA).

Replica of Pischof Autoplan The Phoenix Diploma was awarded to Mr Walter KROBATH for the construction of a replica of the Pischof Autoplan (1909). The original aeroplane had been built by Alfred Ritter von Pischof (1882-1922), a great Austrian aviation pioneer. It flew in 1910 at Wiener Neustadt Airfield. 93 years later and after some 8000 hours of work, this replica flew again at the same airfield.

Pirovano's restored Gazelle The Phoenix Group Diploma was awarded to "Giorgio Pirovano and Friends" for the restoration of a "Gazelle 341 GC Helicopter" of 1973, requiring 3600 hours of work.

Mr Pierluigi DURANTI (ITA) was re-elected as CIACA President and Mrs Elaine FECHER (GER) as Secretary. Mme Catherine DARTOIS (FRA) and Mr Karl RÖNN (SWE) were newly elected as 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents. (Click here for the full List of CIACA Officers and Delegates).

Participation to ILA 2006
CIACA agreed upon its official participation at the ILA 2006 exhibition in Berlin, from 16 to 21 May 2006, with a small representation of amateur-built and restored aircraft from Germany, Austria and Italy.

Next Plenary Meeting
20 April 2007, Rome (ITA)

New World Record Claims

Some of the new World Record Claims recently received by FAI :

Class C (Aeroplanes) / Claim number : 13273
Sub-class : C-1c (Landplanes - Take-off weight 1000 to 1750 kg)
Group 1 : piston engine
Type of record : Speed over a recognised course
Course/location : Wichita, KS (USA) - Lakeland, FL (USA)
Performance : 412 km/h
Pilot : David COPELAND (USA)
Crew : Justin MILAM (USA)
Aircraft : Mooney M-20
Date: 02.04.2006
Current record : new

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the record ratified (if appropriate).

For further information on World Records, please consult the latest news, including all claims pending ratification, at FAI World Records.

Competition Update

Coming soon
(1st Category Events) :

8.-17.06.06 : 1st FAI YAK 52 World Aerobatic Championship

19.-24.06.06 : FAI European Aeromodelling Championship F1E

3.-11.06.06 : 1st FAI South American Hot Air Balloon Championship

5.-17.06.06 : 29th FAI World Gliding Championships

Hang Gliding
18.-27.05.06 : 10th FAI Women's World Hang Gliding Championship
18.-27.05.06 : 16th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 Championship
18.-27.05.06 : 3rd FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championship
16.-29.06.06 : 15th FAI European Hang Gliding Championship