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New FAI Board Starts Work / Airspace Resolution Adopted / FAI Young Artists Contest / FAI eSHOP : New DVD / New World Record Claims / Competition Update / Season's Greetings


The FAI Board that was elected recently in Santiago started work with a teleconference during which FAI President Pierre Portmann confirmed the areas of responsibility of each Board Member.

Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon (ESP) will act as Deputy to the President and have special responsibility for forward thinking and innovation.

Robert Clipsham (CAN) retains the key finance portfolio.

Bengt-Eric Fonsell (SWE) also keeps his former portfolio, with responsibility for development of services to FAI Members and Commissions (seminars, training, etc.).

The three new Board members take on the following jobs :

Lee Jonghoon (KOR) – membership and business development

Willi Arpagaus (SUI) - FAI Plan, project management, Secretariat support

Michael Heuer (USA) - Media, TV coverage of FAI events

The Board meets physically for the first time in Frankfurt (GER) on 19/20 January 2007.


FAI General Conference in Santiago de Chile adopted two important resolutions, one on airspace and the other concerning language proficiency.

Resolution on Airspace

Considering that air sports activities in many countries, especially in Europe, were under grave threat because of constantly encroaching airspace restrictions, that many restrictions were exaggerated in scope and went well beyond the real requirements of flight safety, and that air sports were challenging, healthy and character-building activities that contribute to society as a whole by giving physical and intellectual training to young people, the 100th FAI Annual General Conference resolved :

1. To urge all international and national aviation authorities to have special regard for the effects of any new airspace restrictions on the practice of air sports, and

2. To urge all FAI Members to establish procedures for constant close consultation on airspace matters between national civil aviation and air traffic authorities and national air sport governing bodies.

Resolution on Language Proficiency

Given that the ICAO had promulgated new requirements concerning the language proficiency of all pilots who wish to cross frontiers, that these requirements were formulated in response to accidents that had happened to aircraft operating under IFR Rules, in which poor language proficiency had been determined to be a main or contributory cause, that the vast majority of FAI’s activities are conducted under VFR Rules and that there was no evidence that poor language proficiency had played any significant role in accidents to aircraft operating under VFR, the 100th FAI Annual General Conference resolved :

1. To urge the ICAO to moderate its requirements on language proficiency in so far as they concern VFR operations, having special regard for the effects of the new requirements on air sport pilots, particularly in Europe, who wish to cross frontiers on an occasional basis.

2. To urge FAI members where appropriate to lobby their national civil aviation and air traffic authorities to file an exemption to the new ICAO requirements, pending review of these by ICAO.

FAI Members and their affiliated organizations are urged to unite in reminding their national authorities about these resolutions as opportunities arise in 2007, and to exercise their influence wherever possible to protect the interests of air sport activities.


School holidays are about to start, so this is an ideal time for us to remind you about the creative opportunities that FAI offers young people every year through the FAI Young Artists Contest.

The 2007 Contest focuses on the theme “Airfield” : Young people are invited to take a trip to a nearby airfield, or to imagine one of their own, to grab a brush or a pen, and capture the excitement and infinite possibilities offered by the airfields of the world.

2007 Contest : Rules and Interpretation of the theme
Results of previous contests


A new DVD on the 19th FAI World Flying Scale Models Championships held in July 2006 in Sweden is now available on the FAI eSHOP

From hangar area to flight line, this new DVD brings you closer to the incredible Scale Models that competed in 2006 at the World Championships in Sweden.
Featuring spectacular images and fascinating comments on the history of the aircraft shown, this DVD is of great interest to all aeromodelling enthusiasts, young and old.
Duration : 1 hour 23 minutes / English / Only CHF 29.-


New World Record claims recently received by FAI include :

Class O (Hang Gliders) / Claim number : 14358
Sub-class : O-3 (Paragliders), Multiplace Category
Type of record : Straight distance
Course/location : Vosburg (RSA) - Krompoort Farm (RSA)
Performance : 356.2 km
Pilot : Richard WESTGATE (GBR)
Crew : Phil BIBBY
Paraglider : Gradient Golden Bi
Date: 07.12.2006
Current record : 299.7 km (17.10.2003 - André Luis GROSSO FLEURY, BRA)

Class O (Hang Gliders) / Claim number : 14379
Sub-class : O-5 (Hang Gliders with a rigid primary structure / movable control surface(s) without pilot surronding
General Category
Type of record : Out-and-return distance
Course/location : Unknown
Performance : 341 km
Pilot : Gil SOUVIRON (FRA)
Date: 08.12.2006
Current record : 330.6 km (12.02.1998 - James NEFF, CAN)

Astronautic (Space records) / Claim number : 14373
Absolute records / General Category
Type of record : Assembled mass of spaceships linked in flight
Course/location : NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL (USA)
Performance : 322 600 kg
Pilot : STS-116 and ISS 12A.1 crew members (International)
Spacecraft : Space Shuttle Orbiter & International Space Station
Date: 11.12.2006
Current record : 294 850.5 kg (28.07.2005 - STS-114 and ISS 11 crew members, International)

Class D (Gliders) / Claim number : 14371
Sub-class : D15 (15m Class Gliders) / Feminine Category
Type of record : Distance over a triangular course
Course/location : Bitterwasser (NAM)
Performance : 1019.2 km
Glider : Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2 CXT
Date: 15.12.2006
Current record : 1 012.33 km (01.12.1999 - Hana ZEJDOVA, CZE)

Class D (Gliders) / Claim number : 14380
Sub-class : DO (Open Class Gliders)
General Category
Type of record : Speed over a triangular course of 100 km
Course/location : Zapala (ARG)
Performance : 289.7 km/h
Pilot : Klaus OHLMANN (GER)
Crew : Estaban FECHINO (ARG)
Glider : Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 4 DM
Date: 18.12.2006
Current record : 249.09 km/h (01.12.2003 - Horacio MIRANDA, ARG)

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the record ratified (if appropriate).
For further information on World Records, please consult the latest news, including all claims pending ratification, at FAI World Records.

COMPETITION UPDATE (1st Category Events)

Coming soon :


09.-18.02.2007 : 4th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship (LTU)
24.02-10.03.2007 : 10th FAI World Paragliding Championship (AUS)

20.-25.03.2007 : 11th FAI World Para-Ski Parachuting Championship (ITA)


We thank all our readers, and especially the FAI Members and Media representatives who helped us disseminate information on FAI activities and events throughout 2006.

We look forward to keeping you informed about air sports and FAI activities in 2007, and send you our best Season's Greetings.

With kind regards,

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
Jean-Marc BADAN
Promotional Manager
& World Air Games Coordinator