FAI News 01/07

Annual Meeting of the FAI Parachuting Commission / Updated Rules on Advertising / The World Air Games 2009 / New World Record Claims / Competition Update


The FAI Parachuting Commission (IPC) held its Annual Plenary Meeting on 27 and 28 January 2007 in Florence (ITA).

Sport Parachuting at the World Air Games 2009 : The Commission decided to give full support to the World Air Games 2009, and proposed including the following disciplines in the sports program of the Games : Canopy Formation, Accuracy Landing, Artistic Events Freestyle and Canopy Piloting.

Continental Regional Records : From 1 March 2007, it will be possible for parachutists to set Continental Regional Records as well as National and World Records. These Continental Records may be claimed for performances set anywhere in the world by holders of a FAI Sporting Licence from a country in the Continental region for which the record is claimed. For example, a Slovenian parachutist could set a European Record in Slovenia or France or Sweden, but also in USA, Australia or Brazil. The rules for claims follow closely those for World Records.

Competitions : World and Continental Championships and World Cups in 2007 and 2008 were awarded to Croatia, France and Russia. Full details will be available soon in the FAI Sporting Calendar.

Elections : Mr Graeme WINDSOR (AUS) was newly elected IPC President, replacing Mr Patrice GIRARDIN (FRA) who retired after chairing IPC since 2003. Mr Girardin was elected IPC President of Honour by acclamation.

Mrs Gillian WINTER (FRA) was elected 1st Vice President, while Thomas TUOMINEN (FIN) and Dr. Rainer "Exi" HOENLE (GER) were re-elected Vice Presidents, Liam McNULTY Technical Secretary and Richard "Buzz" BENNETT Treasurer.

Click here to see the updated List of IPC Officers and Delegates.

Next Plenary Meeting : 22 to 27 January 2008, Paris(FRA)

For additional information on the 2007 Meeting, please consult the FAI Parachuting Commission homepage.


An updated version of the “Rules on Advertising for FAI Air Sport Events” has been recently adopted by the FAI Executive Board and published in the FAI Documents Center.

This revised version now covers advertising on all electronic media that are used to promote FAI Air Sport Events. FAI Event Organizers, Members and Commissions are invited to update their documentation by clicking on the following link to download Version 1.3 of FAI’s “Rules on Advertising”.


The deadline for submitting bids to host The World Air Games 2009 will expire on 31 January 2007 at midnight.

All bids received will be carefully examined and evaluated by the FAI Executive Board, with help as required from FAI Air Sport Commission experts. The Board will take into account not only the suitability of the proposed venues, dates and event program, but also the bidders’ previous record of success, their motivation for submitting a bid, and the likely chances of high media impact. This work will take no more than a week, and a short-list will then be established.

Bidders on the short-list will be invited to enter the final phase of the bidding process, in which the detailed technical, infrastructural, organizational and promotional aspects will be thoroughly analysed.

Next public announcement on The World Air Games 2009 : 8 February 2007


New World Record claims recently received by FAI include :

Class D (Gliders) / Claim number : 14390
Sub-class : DO - Open Class Gliders
General Category
Type of record : Distance using up to 3 turn points
Course/location : Zapala (ARG)
Performance : 2412.4 km
Pilot : Klaus OHLMANN (GER)
Crew : Keisuke EGUCHI (JPN)
Glider : Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 4 DM
Date: 01.01.2007
Current record : 2193.1 km (03.12.2005 - Diether MEMMERT, GER)

Class D (Gliders) / Claim number : 14392
Sub-class : DO - Open Class Gliders
General Category
Type of record : Speed over an out-and-return course of 500 km
Course/location : Zapala (ARG)
Performance : 306.8 km/h
Pilot : Klaus OHLMANN (GER)
Crew : Matias Garcia MAZZARO (ARG)
Glider : Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 4 DM
Date: 22.12.2006
Current record : 247.49 km/h (03.03.1999 - James M. PAYNE, USA)

Class A (Free balloons) / Claim number : 14416
Size category : AS-05 (Pressurised balloons : 900 to 1 200 m³)
General Category
Type of record : Altitude
Course/location : To be advised, Alberta (CAN)
Performance : 10 195 m
Balloon : To be advised
Date: 14.01.2007
Current record : 2 111 m (08.03.2003 - Coy FOSTER, USA)

Class A (Free balloons) / Claim number : 14419
Size category : AX-04 (Hot-air balloons : 600 to 900 m³)
Feminine Category
Type of record : Duration
Course/location : Kamishihoro, Hokkaido (JPN)
Performance : 7 h 04 min 09 sec
Pilot : Minako INOUE (JPN)
Balloon : To be advised
Date: 03.01.2007
Current record : 4 h 2 min 55 sec (29.09.2005 - Pauline BAKER, IRL)

Class R (Microlights) / Claim number : 14434
Sub-class : RPF1 (Microlights : Paraglider Control / Foot-launched / Flown with one person)
Type of record : Speed over a closed circuit of 50 km without landing
Course/location : Lanzahita (ESP)
Performance : 65.5 km/h
Pilot : Juanjo GARCIA de ABAJO (ESP)
Paramotor : Type to be advised
Date: 20.01.2007
Current record : 50.04 km/h (10.06.2006 - Venelin S. STAIKOV, BUL)

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the record ratified (if appropriate).

For further information on World Records, please consult the latest news, including all claims pending ratification, at FAI World Records.

COMPETITION UPDATE (1st Category Events)

Coming soon :


09.-18.02.2007 : 4th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship (LTU)
24.02-10.03.2007 : 10th FAI World Paragliding Championship (AUS)

20.-25.03.2007 : 11th FAI World Para-Ski Parachuting Championship (ITA)