Five Candidates for World Air Games 2009

Sites near London (United Kingdom), Melbourne (Australia), Moscow (Russia), Odense (Denmark), and Turin (Italy) have been selected today by the Executive Board of the FAI - The World Air Sports Federation - as the candidates for the World Air Games 2009.

These candidates were selected on the basis that their bid applications demonstrated that they possess the proper capacity and vision for hosting the event.

The World Air Games is the biggest gathering of air sports in the world and brings together the World Champions and top competitors in ten different air sport disciplines. The event showcases a week of tremendous competition and fills the sky with excitement and thrills for the public. Alongside the competition are plenty of opportunities for air shows, on-site demonstrations, and interactive activities for spectators.

Last year, the FAI, in cooperation with TSE Consulting, a specialised sports consultancy, took the initiative to modernise their World Air Games concept to make it more attractive for potential hosts, athletes and spectators.

Commenting on today’s decision, the President of the FAI, Mr. Pierre Portmann, said :
We are pleased that our work to modernise the World Air Games concept has been fruitful in attracting many top level cities to take part in the bidding process. We congratulate those selected and thank the other cities that expressed interest for their hard work. We now look forward to an exciting competition.”

For the selected Candidate Cities, the final phase now begins in accordance with the following schedule :

April 2nd, 2007
Deadline for submission of Bid Book and payment of final bid fee

April 11th-20th, 2007
Evaluation visits by FAI Experts

May 3rd, 2007
FAI Executive Board selects certain candidates to come to Lausanne to make final presentations

June 1st, 2007
Bid Committees to make presentations in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Selection of the World Air Games 2009 host by FAI Selection Committee

For further information, please contact the FAI for technical or competition queries and TSE Consulting for any questions relating to the bidding conditions or process :

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
Jean-Marc Badan

Promotional Manager & World Air Games Coordinator
Tel: +41 (0) 21 345 10 70

TSE Consulting
Caroline Anderson

Project Manager
Tel + 41 (0) 21 313 23 00

February 8th, 2007