Turin (Italy) celebrates successful bid for World Air Games 2009

World Air Games 2009Turin (Italy) has been chosen to host the World Air Games 2009. The decision was announced by the President of FAI - the World Air Sports Federation, Pierre Portmann, today at the Olympic Museum, Lausanne.

The FAI Selection Committee reached its decision by a majority vote cast after the final presentations of the three bids on the selected shortlist – Moscow (Russia), Odense (Denmark), and Turin (Italy).

Turin are successful winners after a bidding process which was launched in October 2006. The bidding process consisted of two short-listings, based on a candidate questionnaire, the submission of a bid book, evaluation visits and final presentations that took place today at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne Switzerland.

Commenting on today’s decision, the President of the FAI, Mr. Pierre Portmann, said: “Turin has been chosen today by the FAI Selection Committee and they are a great choice. There are, however, no losers today, as all three bids made wonderful presentations and would make successful hosts for the World Air Games. Each bid had tremendous backing from their National Air Sport Federations and their governments. We commend them all on their efforts and hope that each bid continues their interest in air sport competitions”.

Commenting on their successful bid, Mr. Angelo Moriondo, President of the Turin 2009 Bid Committee, said: “We are both pleased and honoured to be awarded the World Air Games 2009. Building on our past experience, we are committed to making the Games a step forward for all air sports. We invite all our friends in the air sports community to join us in 2009. Now the real work starts !

The Games are planned to take place during the period of 7th to 13th June 2009. The World Air Games is the biggest gathering of air sports in the world and brings together the World Champions and top competitors in ten different air sport disciplines. The event showcases a week of tremendous competition and fills the sky with excitement and thrills for the public. Alongside the competition are plenty of opportunities for air shows, on-site demonstrations, and interactive activities for spectators.

The bidding process for the next World Air Games will be launched later this year.

For further information please contact :

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
Jean-Marc Badan, FAI World Air Games Coordinator
Tel: +41 (0) 21 345 10 70

Mr Paolo Rota during the final presentation

of the Turin bid.

(Photo : FAI/Thierry Montigneaux)

The Italian Presentation Team at work :

Paulo Rota, Angelo Moriondo and Bruno Rambaudi.

(Photo : FAI/Richard Juilliart)

FAI President Pierre Portmann announcing the

host of the World Air Games 2009.

(Photo : FAI/T. Montigneaux)

Paolo Rota and Angelo Moriondo

sharing their emotion.

(Photo : FAI/R. Juilliart)

Italian supporters celebrating


(Photo : FAI/T. Montigneaux)

Bruno Rambaudi declaring that

"Now the real work starts !

(Photo : FAI/R. Juilliart)