FAI News 10/07

FAI Visual Identity : New Logotypes available New World Record Claims Competition Update


The FAI is pleased to inform you that new logotypes for FAI Members, FAI Championships and FAI World Records are now available.

These new logos bring to a conclusion the process initiated almost 5 years ago in order to modernize and reinforce the image of FAI and air sports. The first step was achieved on 1st July 2004 with the introduction of the new FAI Logos, followed shortly thereafter by the publication of specific logos for each FAI Commission.

The additional logotypes published today result from the requests and needs that appeared since the introduction of our new visual identity. They will help FAI Members, Competition organizers, World Record holders and other FAI partners to better identify their FAI-related activities.

In order to guide you through all FAI logotypes, the on-line FAI StyleGuide has been completely updated. The Instructions ensure a world-wide standardized use of the graphical elements that make up our visual image. The conditions under which a logo may be used are explained at the top of each page dedicated to a specific logotype. Finally, the on-line order form will assist you when ordering the high-resolution files of the graphical elements you may wish to use.

We invite you now to visit the new FAI StyleGuide and are looking forward to receiving your logo requests.


New World Record Claims recently received by FAI include claims for Gliders, Helicopters, Model Aircraft, Parachuting, Hang Gliders and Aeroplane :

Class D (Gliders) / Claim number : 14670
Sub-class : DW - World Class Gliders / General Category
Type of record : Distance using up to 3 turn points
Course/location : Wilcox, AZ (USA) - Douglas, AZ (USA)
Performance : 636 km
Pilot : Michael Noel PARKER (USA)
Glider : World Class PW-5
Date :26.05.2007
Current record : 597.1 km (15.03.2007 - Murray G. WARDELL, NZL)

Class E (Rotorcraft) / Claims number : 14671 and 14672
Sub-class : E-1 - Helicopters / General Category
Group 2 : Turbine
Pilot : Jennifer MURRAY (GBR)
Crew : Colin BOOILL (GBR)
Aircraft : Bell 407
Date : 23.05.2007

Claim #14671
Type of record : Speed over both earth's poles
Course/location : To be advised
Performance : 13.67 km/h
Current record : no record set yet

Claim #14672
Type of record : Speed over a recognised course
Course/location : South Pole - North Pole
Performance : 12.54 km/h
Current record : no record set yet

Class F (Model Aircraft) / Claim number : 14678
Sub-class : F5 Open (Aeroplane, Electric motor S with rechargeable sources of current)
Flight Category : F5 - Radio Controlled
Type of record : N°175 - Speed
Course/location : Neumagen-Drohn (GER)
Performance : 361.0 km/h
Pilot : David DZIDA (GER)
Crew : Markus WANNER(GER)
Date :10.06.2007
Current record : 282.60 km/h (08.08.1992 - Werner VAUTH, GER)

Class F (Model Aircraft) / Claims number : 14679 and 14680
Flight Category : F5 - Radio Controlled
Course/location : Neumagen-Drohn (GER)
Pilot : Antti SAIKKONEN (FIN)
Date : 09.06.2007

Claim #14679
Sub-class : F5 Open (Aeroplane, Electric motor S (rechargeable sources of current))
Type of record : N°175 - Speed
Performance : 321.989 km/h
Current record : 282.60 km/h (08.08.1992 - Werner VAUTH)

Claim #14680
Sub-class : F5 Open (Aeroplane, Electric motor COMB (all sources of current))
Type of record : N°196 - Speed
Performance : 321.989 km/h
Current record : 274.28 km/h (09.08.1998 - Wolfgang KÜPPERS, GER)

Class G (Parachuting) / Claim number : 14690
Sub-class : G-1 (Individual jumps) / General Category
Competition / Individual records
Type of record : G-1-f1 - Canopy Piloting, Distance
Course/location : Longmont, CO (USA)
Performance : 150.76 m
Pilot : Jason MOLEDZKI (CAN)
Date :15.06.2007
Current record : 146.24 m (08.02.2005 - Jonathan A. TAGLE, USA)

Class O (Hang Gliders) / Claim number : 14694
Sub-class : O-1 (HG with a rigid primary structure / controlled by weight shift)
Feminine Category
Type of record : Out-and-return distance
Course/location : Cáceres (ESP)
Performance : 152 km
Pilot : Françoise DIEUZEIDE-BANET (FRA)
Hang Glider : Moyes Delta Gliders Litespeed 3S
Date : 23.06.2007
Current record : 143.85 km (03.01.1999 - Tascha McLELLAN, NZL)

Class C (Aeroplanes) / Claim number : 14696
Sub-class : C-1c (Landplanes : Take-off weight 1000 to 1750 kg)
Group 1 : Piston engine
Type of record : Speed over a recognised course
Course/location : Denver, CO (USA) - Honolulu, HI (USA)
Performance : 317 km/h
Pilot : Barrington IRVING (USA)
Aircraft : Columbia 400
Date : 23.06.2007
Current record : no record set yet

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the record ratified (if appropriate).
For further information on World Records, please consult the latest news, including all claims pending ratification, at FAI World Records.

COMPETITION UPDATE (1st Category Events)

Next Championships :


24.06.-04.07.07 : 24th FAI World Aerobatic Championships (ESP)
20.-28.07.07 : 5th FAI European Advanced Aerobatic Championship (FIN)
16.-28.08.07 : 12th FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championship (AUT)
24.-26.08.07 : 25th FAI World Grand Prix (RUS)

24.06.-01.07.07 : 2007 FAI World Free Flight Aeromodelling Championship (UKR)
06.-14.07.07 : 2007 FAI European Control Line Aeromodelling Championship (SRB)
08.-14.07.07 : 16th FAI World Radio Controlled F3B Aeromodelling Championship (SUI)
27.07.-05.08.07 : 12th FAI World Radio Controlled F3C Aeromodelling Championship (POL)
03.-08.08.07 : 2007 FAI Junior European Free Flight Aeromodelling Championship (SRB)
19.-26.08.07 : 6th FAI European Radio Controlled F3J Aeromodelling Championship (SVK)
27.08.-01.09.07 : 10th FAI World Free Flight F1E Aeromodelling Champ. (ROU)
27.08.-01.09.07 : 2007 FAI European Free Flight F1D Aeromodelling Championship (SRB)

25.-29.07.07 : 2007 World Balloon Trophy & Honda Cup (LUX)
02.-05.08.07 : 15th Coupe d’Europe & 19th Ladies World Cup M. Kakuda Trophy (FRA)
16.-23.08.07 : 15th FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship (GER)

10.-22.07.07 : 4th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship (FRA)
28.07.-11.08.07 : 5th FAI Junior World Gliding Championship (ITA)
28.07.-12.08.07 : 14th FAI European Gliding Championship (LTU)
02.-19.08.07 : 14th FAI European Gliding Championship (FRA)

Hang Gliding
07.-19.08.07 : 16th FAI World Hang Gliding Championships (USA)

18.-25.08.07 : 11th FAI World Classic Classes Microlight Championships (CZE)

02.-08.07.07 : 6th FAI A. Malevsky Memorial International Cup in Formation Skydiving (RUS)
02.-08.07.07 : 5th FAI A. Malevsky Memorial International Cup in Accuracy Landing (RUS)
04.-12.08.07 : 2007 FAI European Formation Skydiving Championship (RUS)
04.-12.08.07 : 2007 World Cup in Formation Skydiving (RUS)
04.-12.08.07 : 2007 FAI European Artistic Skydiving Championships (RUS)
04.-12.08.07 : 2007 World Cup of Artistic Events (RUS)