FAI News 14/07

World Air Games 2009 : Summit Meeting in Turin / 101st FAI General Conference / New World Record Claims / Competition Update


FAI leaders travelled to Turin recently to meet the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and review progress in planning for the World Air Games. The Mayor of Turin, Sergio CHIAMPARINO, together with his Head of Sport and Leisure Services, Renato MONTABONE, received FAI President Pierre PORTMANN and his delegation at the City Hall and pledged their full support to the World Air Games project.

Very good progress was made on establishing sound working procedures. Details were discussed of plans for Test Events in 2008, the timing of the final competition rounds on the last Saturday of the Games, and the locating of events requiring significant infrastructure, such as a water surface for the Canopy Piloting event.

LOC President Bruno RAMBAUDI expressed great satisfaction at the award of the 2008 FAI General Conference to the Aosta Valley, very close to Turin. This would offer the LOC additional opportunities to raise interest in the World Air Games 2009. The Sports Director, Angelo MORIONDO, confirmed that very positive cooperation had been established between FAI Air Sport Commission Liaison Officers and LOC Air Sport Directors, and detailed event planning was now under way.

In the coming weeks, the LOC is focusing on refining the event schedule and the lay-out of the Avigliana venue; finalizing marketing and sponsorship concepts; and developing the new World Air Games 2009 web-pages (launch expected by the end of November 2007). These, together with the recently re-designed FAI World Air Games Internet pages, will eventually give all the information needed on the World Air Games 2009. In the meantime, FAI Sports & Development Director Jean-Marc BADAN will provide details on request.


The Island of Rhodes was the venue for the 101st FAI General Conference (12 and 13 October 2007), organized in great style by the Hellenic Aeronautical and Air Sports Federation. Almost 200 people from 45 countries gathered to debate matters affecting sporting and recreational aviation.

At a glittering Opening Ceremony beneath the floodlit ramparts of the Castle of Rhodes, FAI Medals and Diplomas were awarded to a host of high-achieving personalities who had rendered eminent services to air sports or achieved spectacular sporting performances, including Dr Vijaypat Singhania, who on 26 November 2005 became the first man to fly in a hot air balloon to an altitude of more than 20 000 m (69’852 ft) above sea level.

The Conference decided to establish a new Technical Commission to handle questions of air navigation and airspace, and a new Working Group to examine the sharing of airspace with UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). It was announced that a new database for all FAI Sporting Licenses world-wide would be launched in early 2008, and become fully operational and mandatory on 1 January 2009. Delegates saw clips from the 13-part TV series of the 2007 FAI World Championships made for world-wide distribution by Flying Aces Ltd. A 5% discount on 2008 FAI subscription fees was announced, thanks to an improving financial situation. It was decided that the 2008 General Conference would be held in Italy (St-Vincent, Aosta Valley), and the 2009 Conference in Korea (Incheon – the last Asian Conference was over 20 years ago, in 1985).

The Conference appointed two eminent and long-serving volunteers, Raymond J. JOHNSON and Bernald SMITH (USA) as FAI Companions of Honour. A new President of the General Air Sport Commission was elected – Henk MEERTENS of Australia.


New World Record Claims recently received by FAI include claims for Microlights and UAVs :

Class R (Microlights) / Claims number : 14844 & 14845
Sub-class : RPL1 (Microlights : Paraglider Control / Landplane / Flown with one person)
Course/location : Brighton (GBR)
Pilot : Michael CARNET (GBR)
Paramotor : Ozone Viper

Claim #14844
Type of record : Speed over a straight 15/25 km course
Performance : 63.71 km/h
Date :19.10.2007
Current record : 60.13 km/h (19.07.2004 - Jiri SRAMEK, CZE)

Claim #14845
Type of record : Speed over a closed circuit of 100 km without landing
Performance : 58.49 km/h
Date :18.10.2007
Current record : No record set yet

Class R (Microlights) / Claim number : 14849
Sub-class : RPF1 (Microlights : Paraglider Control / Foot-launched / Flown with one person)
Type of record : Speed over a closed circuit of 100 km without landing
Course/location : Saint Georges de Montaigu (FRA)
Performance : 49.18 km/h
Pilot : David ROTUREAU (FRA)
Paramotor : Dudek Reaction TST 27
Date :27.10.2007
Current record : 47.4 km/h (14.07.2007 - David ROTUREAU, FRA)

Class U (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - UAV) / Claim number : 14850
Sub-class : U-1.d (Remotely controlled UAV : Weight 500 kg to less than 2'500 kg)
Group 1 : Internal combustion and Jet
Type of record : Duration
Course/location : Vidsel Test Range (SWE)
Performance : 7 h 55 min 23 sec
Pilot : Maurizio CHELI (ITA)
Crew : Giampaolo GOATTIN
UAV : Alenia Sky-y
Date : 25.10.2007
Current record : No record set yet

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the record ratified (if appropriate).
For further information on World Records, please consult the latest news, including all claims pending ratification, at FAI World Records.

COMPETITION UPDATE (1st Category Events)

Next Championships :


02.-04.11.07 : 26th FAI World Grand Prix (JPN)

08.-18.11.07 : 25th FAI World Radio Controlled F3A Aeromodelling Championship (ARG)

20.-25.11.07 : 2007 Tochigi Hot Air Balloon Int. Championship - Hot Air Balloon Honda Grand Prix Final Round (JPN)

19.-29.12.07 : 1st FAI World GP Gliding Championship (NZL)
20.01.-01.02.08 : 2008 FAI Open South American Gliding Championship (ARG)

07.-11.11.07 : 4th World Cup in Canopy Piloting (AUS)