FAI News 15/07

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, FAI – the World Air Sports Federation, today officially launched the bidding process for its marquee event, the World Air Games 2011.

The bidding process is open to all cities, regions, FAI member associations, private event organisers and corporate partners.

One Week - Ten Sports - Unlimited Adrenaline, this clearly describes the essence of the event. The World Air Games is the biggest gathering of air sports in the world and over one week brings together the World Champions and top competitors in ten different air sport disciplines. The event showcases a week of tremendous competition and fills the sky with excitement and thrills for the public. Alongside the competition are plenty of opportunities for air shows, on-site demonstrations, and interactive activities for the public.

The FAI, in cooperation with TSE Consulting, the international sports consultancy, took the initiative to modernise their World Air Games concept in 2006 to make it more attractive for potential hosts, athletes and spectators. This resulted in a professionally run bidding race for the 2009 edition of the Games, which this past June were awarded to Turin, Italy, and will take place from 7 to 13 June 2009.

Interested parties have until 17 March 2008 to submit the Phase 1 Application Form, which will demonstrate their interest in hosting the World Air Games 2011. This will be followed by a more detailed bid book application. An FAI Selection Committee will select the Organiser at an event in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital, scheduled for 5 December 2008. All bid documents are available through the FAI office or can be downloaded at World Air Games 2011.

Pierre Portmann, FAI President said :
"We are pleased that our efforts to modernise the World Air Games concept have been successful. The interest we had for 2009 and now have for the 2011 edition demonstrates that the World Air Games has become a very attractive property for all of our partners. We are looking forward to another tough race over the coming year, and it is with great pleasure that we officially open the bidding process for the 2011 edition of the 'flagship event' of the FAI and all those involved in Air Sports."

For further information, please contact the FAI for technical or competition queries, and TSE Consulting for any questions relating to the bidding conditions or process :

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Lausanne, Switzerland, 15 November 2007