Recent World Record Claims and Competition Update

WORLD RECORD CLAIMS received recently by FAI include: Astronautics, Microlights and Parachuting. Class O Hang Gliders Claim number : 14931 Sub-class:O-5(Hang Gliders with a rigid primary structure / movable control surface(s) without pilot surrounding structures and fairings.) General / Out-and-return distance Course/location : Moreson Farm - Malta Hohe (Namibia) Performance : 348.4 km Pilot : Carlos PUÑET (Spain) AIR Atos VR Date :10.01.2008 Previous record : 338.2 km (08.12.2006 - Gil SOUVIRON, France) Class F (Model aircraft) Claim number : 15053 Sub-class :F1 Open (Aeroplane, piston motor) Type of record : N°111: Speed Course/location : Dniepropetrovsk (Ukraine) Performance : 238.84 km/h Pilot : Anatoly DUBINETSKY (Ukraine) Date :02.05.2008 Current record : no record set yet Class O (Hang Gliders) Claim number : 15054 Sub-class :O-5 (Hang Gliders with a rigid primary structure / movable control surface(s) without pilot surronding structures and fairings.) General / Distance over a triangular course Course/location : Emberger Alm (Austria) Performance : 404 km Pilot : Walter GEPPERT (Austria) Hang Glider : AIR Atos VR Date :12.05.2008 Current record : 258.9 km (15.08.2000 - Marcus HOFFMANN-GUBEN, Germany)
COMPETITIONS UPDATE (1st CATEGORY EVENTS) (Aeromodelling) 27.06-06.07.08 FAI World Championship for Soaring Model Aircraft (TUR) 11-20.07.08 FAI World Championships for Scale Model Aircraft (POL) (Hang Gliding) 07-21.06.08 16th FAI European Hang Gliding Championship (AUT) 19.07-02.08.08 11th FAI Women’s World Hang Gliding Championships (ITA) 19.07-02.08.08 4th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championship (ITA) 19.07-02.08.08 17th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 Championship (ITA) (Paragliding) 30.06-12.07.08 10th FAI European Paragliding Championship (SRB) (Ballooning) 21-28.06.08 8th FAI World Hot Airship Championship (RUS) (Gliding) 06-20.07.08 30th FAI World Gliding Championship (ITA) (General Aviation) 13-20.07.08 18th FAI World Precision Flying Championship (AUT) 20-26.07.08 16th FAI World Rally Flying Championship (AUT)