Recent World Record Claims and Competition Update 06/08

Recent FAI world record claims received by the FAI Secretariat and Category 1 Events update.

WORLD RECORD CLAIMS received recently by FAI include: Astronautics, Hang Gliding and Parachuting. Claim number : 15070 Category: General Absolute records Type of record : Assembled mass of spaceships linked in flight Course/location : Kennedy Space Center, FL (USA) Performance : 397 870 kg Pilot : STS and ISS crews members (International) Crew : to be advised Spacecraft : to be advised Date :14.06.2008

Current record : 342 622.5 kg (22.08.2007 - STS-118 and ISS 13.A.1. crews members, International) Claim number : 15079 Sub-class :O-5 (Hang Gliders with a rigid primary structure / movable control surface(s) without pilot surronding structures and fairings.) Category: Feminine Type of record : Distance over a triangular course Course/location : Chelan, WA (USA) Performance : 127.7 km Pilot : Mia SCHOKKER (Canada) AIR Atos VS Date :29.06.2008 Current record : no record set yet Claim number : 15078 Sub-class :G-1 (Individual jumps) Category: General Performance / Individual records Type of record : G-1-f1 : Canopy Piloting, Distance Course/location : Pretoria (RSA) Performance : 150.920 m Pilot : Chris TEAGUE (South Africa) Date :14.06.2008 Current record : 150.72 m (15.06.2007 - Jason MOLEDZKI, Canada)

COMPETITIONS UPDATE (1st CATEGORY EVENTS) (Aerobatics) 01-10.08.2008 8th FAI Advanced World Aerobatic Championship (USA) (Aeromodelling) 11-20.07.08 FAI World Championships for Scale Model Aircraft (POL) 28.07-03.08.2008 2008 FAI World Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft for Juniors (UKR) 28.07-04.08.2008 2008 FAI World Championships for Control Line Model Aircraft (FRA) (Hang Gliding) 07-21.06.08 16th FAI European Hang Gliding Championship (AUT) 19.07-02.08.08 11th FAI Women’s World Hang Gliding Championships (ITA) 19.07-02.08.08 4th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championship (ITA) 19.07-02.08.08 17th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 Championship (ITA) (Gliding) 06-20.07.08 30th FAI World Gliding Championship (ITA) [Club, Standard, World Classes] 02.08.2008 30th FAI World Gliding Championship (GER) [15m, 18m, Open Classes] (General Aviation) 13-20.07.08 18th FAI World Precision Flying Championship (AUT) 20-26.07.08 16th FAI World Rally Flying Championship (AUT) (Parachuting) 26.07-02.08.2008 4th FAI Junior World Style & Accuracy Parachuting Championship (SVK) 26.07-02.08.2008 30th FAI World Gliding Championship (SVK)  
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