Two Eagles Balloon's Duration and Distance World Records Ratified by FAI


FAI has ratified two world records following the Two Eagle Balloon's fantastic flight across the Pacific Ocean in January.

It took Leonid Tyukhtyaev from Russia and Troy Bradley from USA (above holding the Mexican flag after being taken to shore by a fishing boat in Baja) an incredible 160 hours 34 minutes to reach Baja, Mexico, from Saga, Japan !

Sub-ClassType of RecordPerformanceDateClaimantStatusId
AA-13 Distance 10 711,6 km 2015-01-31 Troy Bradley (USA) ratified - current record 17413
AA-13 Duration 160 h 34 min 2015-01-31 Troy Bradley (USA) ratified - current record 17412

FAI congratulates the pilots on this splendid achievement.

two-eagle-balloon-mapThe Day/Night cycles of the Two Eagles flight across the Pacific.

(Photo credit: Two Eagles Balloon)