Competitive Space Models in Lviv, Ukraine!

nigel GB_DSC_8022The 2016 FAI S World Championships for Space Models is taking place in Lviv, Ukraine from 22 to 30 August 2016.  

Competitive Space Models - Explainer

The versatility needed to compete at the World Championships for Space Models was in evidence with the different rounds of competition throughout day three of the five day competition in Lviv, Ukraine yesterday .

The morning rounds were tactical. Seniors (over 18s) were competing in S3A category – where rockets are equipped with descent parachutes that the teams hope will keep the rocket in the air for the maximum scoring time of five minutes. Competitors were tuning the parachute size and load of their solid fuel engines to suit the weather conditions. Make the parachute too big, and the rocket may drift so far you can’t load it and use it for the next round.

The afternoon though was about a different type of rockets; the brute force of S1B two stage rockets, aiming for the maximum altitude. Fast up and fast down, these rockets carry a tiny electronic altimeter, and split the bigger “B” sized engine power over two stages, which separate in the air to send the altimeter even higher. Technically it’s far harder to build and operate reliably, but the scoring takes the best of the three flights, so encourages teams to push the limits of lightweight materials and intricate design.

More pictures here.

Photo Credit: FAI / Andy Pag