Judges Selected for WGPA in Lausanne

The Bureau of CIVA has selected the Judges for the upcoming World Grand Prix of Aerobatic event that is to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland on 27-28 August 2005. This Grand Prix will mark the Centenary of the FAI in a special way, since Lausanne is the home and headquarters of the Federation. The event's Chief Judge will be John Gaillard of South Africa. John will have just returned from a stint at the XXIII. World Aerobatic Championships in Spain and is CIVA's most experienced Chief Judge. He is also Chairman of the CIVA Judging Sub-Committee. Judges will be: BROCARD, Georges (SUI) CASSIDY, Alan (GBR) ITIER, Francis (FRA) KOBRLE, Jiri (CZE) Jury member will be Mike Heuer, President of CIVA.

Aresti System now Available

The 2005-1 version of the "Aresti System (Condensed)" is now available. This document will replace the FAI Aerobatic Catalogue with immediate effect and will be in use for all FAI Aerobatic Championships in 2005. The page for either downloading or viewing the "Aresti System" can be found at the upper right of this home page. The new version of the Glider Aerobatic Figure catalogue also appears on that page.

CIVA Bureau Selects Judges for WAC

The Bureau of CIVA recently concluded its selection of Judges for the XXIII World Aerobatic Championships in Burgos, Spain in June and July 2005. A total of 15 nominations were received. The Bureau can select up to a maximum of 7 Judges for the event. A maximum of 10 Judges are authorized by the rules. The following Judges will participate at WAC as "FAI Judges": LG Arvidsson (SWE) Greg Dungan (USA) Jiri Duras (CZE) Quintin Hawthorne (RSA) Graham Hill (GBR) Francis Itier (FRA) Matti Mecklin (FIN) Judges nominated by NAC's or who entered their names individually are still free to attend the WAC and judge in Programme Q. A final selection of the 10 best judges will be made after Q by the International Jury, based on judging analysis.


CIVA Regulations and Sporting Code 2005 Available

The 2005 versions of CIVA Regulations for Unlimited, Advanced, and Glider categories are now available for download under "Documents". The documents will be in effect at all FAI Aerobatic Championships this year including the World Aerobatic Championships in Spain; the World Glider Aerobatic Championships in Russia; and the Advanced European Aerobatic Championships in the Czech Republic. Documents are zipped PDF files.

CIVA Minutes and Summary Available

The Minutes and Summary of Conclusions of the CIVA plenary meeting held in Madrid in September 2004 are now available under the "Meetings" page.

CIVA Bureau Approves New Logo

new CIVA logoThe Bureau of CIVA has approved a new logo for the Commission. This brings CIVA in line with a "new look" adopted by FAI earlier this year. New logos have been adopted by FAI's Air Sports Commissions and the new image has already gone into effect at FAI. Importantly, the new logos still incorporate the classical elements of FAI's old logo -- the eagle and the globe. CIVA's new logo also includes images of both powered and glider aerobatic aircraft as the sport of competition aerobatics has vastly changed over the past 20 years.

New Advanced Known (Q) Approved for 2005

The Known/Q sequence for the Advanced category approved by CIVA in September in Madrid has been changed. Responding to input from pilots around the world, the Bureau of CIVA reviewed the sequence and agreed that amendments were needed. Figures 2, 5, and 8 were changed. The newly revised sequence can be found here. The sequences are available in various formats for download or viewing.

CIVA Meets in Madrid

CIVA met in Madrid, Spain on 25-26 September 2005 and discussed a wide range of proposals and reports which were presented for its consideration. The Minutes of the meeting will be available soon. CIVA President Mike Heuer presented the FAI Air Sports Medal to Liz Cook (Australia); Michel Dupont (France); Algimantas Zentelis (Lithuania); and LG Arvidsson (Sweden) for their outstanding contributions to aerobatics.


Agenda Documents for CIVA Meeting Available

The documents which have been included in the agenda packages for CIVA Delegates are now available on this website for download. The plenary meeting of CIVA will be held in Madrid as previously announced on the weekend of 25-26 September 2004. These documents include the Agenda itself (Version 1.4), various reports prepared by FAI Aerobatic Championships contest officials, and recommendations for rules changes for both powered and glider aerobatics. Proposed Known (Q) sequences are also available.


CIVA to Meet in Madrid, Spain

The FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) will meet in Madrid, Spain on 25-26 September 2004. The meeting will be hosted by the Royal Spanish Aeronautics Federation and the Royal Aero Club of Spain. Working sessions will be held at the Headquarters of the Royal Aero Club of Spain, located at Cuatro Vientos Airport, Madrid. The plenary meeting will be preceded by an informal discussions seminar on Friday, 24 September. This meeting has been used successfully in the past to discuss concerns, problems, and proposals in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Over 20 countries are expected to participate in the meeting. Reports will be received from FAI Aerobatic Championships officials from this year's season and bids and reports will be considered for future competitions. Rules changes for 2005 will also be voted upon.

CIVA Bureau Selects Judges for WGPA at Al Ain

The Bureau of CIVA has announced its FAI Judge selections for the FAI World Grand Prix of Aerobatics event which will take place at Al Ain, UAE on 24-28 January 2005. The Board of Judges will by headed by Chief Judge John Gaillard of South Africa. John has been Chief Judge of the World Aerobatic Championships since 1996 and just recently headed up the judging line at the VI. Advanced World Aerobatic Championships in Ljungbyhed, Sweden in August. Judges are as follows: L-G Arvidsson (SWE), Greg Dungan (USA), Quintin Hawthorne (RSA), and Graham Hill (GBR). CIVA's chief representative at the competition will be Jury Chairman Osmo Jalovaara (FIN). More information on the event can be found on the "Championships Calendar" on this website.