WAC 2nd Unknown Published

The sequence for the 2nd Unknown has been selected by the International Jury from the proposals received from Teams this morning. It is attached here for download as a PDF and GIF file. Protests will be accepted on this sequence until 14.00, 2 July.

WAC 1st Unknown Results Final

The results for the 1st Unknown at WAC in Granada became official at 10.30 today, 1st of July. Ramon Alonso of Spain has taken the FAI Gold Medal in the flight, followed by Renaud Ecalle of France, and Mikhail Mamistov of Russia. In the overall results, Renaud Ecalle retains a lead of only 16 points over Alonso. Team results are also very close so it will be a "photo finish" at the end.


Free Programme Finishes at WAC

Programme 1 -- the Free Programme -- finished today in Granada with Renaude Ecalle of France in first place. He was followed by WAC first-timer Olivier Masurel of France. Svetlana Kapanina of Russia was in third. The results became official at 14.15 local time. However, three protests have been filed and remain to be decided by the International Jury at the time of this writing. Results may change as a result of these protests.

WAC First Unknown Continues into Second Day

The 1st Unknown programme of the World Aerobatic Championships in Granada was not completed last night and continues into Friday, June 29th. The surface wind and the 500 meter wind exceeded the limits toward the end of the day and flying was called off. Italian pilot Sergio Dallas (number 42 in the flight order) was the last to fly. Alexander Krotov resumed the programme this morning in his Sukhoi 26 (RF00665) and it is expected that the Unknown will be finished this morning and before lunch.


First Unknown Announced for WAC

The International Jury announced the 1st Unknown for WAC. This aerobatic sequence was chosen by the Jury from 8 proposals submitted by Teams. It is anticipated that flying of this Unknown will begin on Friday, June 29th. It is available for downloading as a PDF and GIF at the link below.

Programme Q Completed at WAC

Programme Q at the XXIV. World Aerobatic Championships completed last night with Castor Fantoba of Spain winning first place followed by Renaud Ecalle of France and Oleg Shpolyanskiy of Russia. Programme Q is the "Known Compulsory" sequence, the results of which are used to determine Order of Flight for Programme 1, the Free Programme, and to provide familiarization to the pilots of the aerobatic box and to "warm up" the International Judges panel. The results of "Q" are not included in the results of the Championships but still is regarded as an important flight by pilots.


WAC Results Available

Results for the 24th World Aerobatic Championships are now available on line at http://civaweb.mwebservices.net/. These results are updated continuously as the flight programmes progress and the competition is underway. As of this writing, 20 pilots have flown Programme Q. A short break took place today for military training at the airfield but is resuming now at 12.20.

XXIV World Aerobatic Championships Opens in Granada

The 24th World Aerobatic Championships opened in Granada, Spain last night in ceremonies at Armilla Air Base. Flying began today with Programme Q. 51 pilots from 11 nations are competing. Countries entered in the competition include Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States of America. One pilot is entered as an independent and will fly "hors concours". Pilot are contending with high density altitude and temperatures today but are faring well. They are being judged by a team of 8 judges under the direction of Chief Judge John Gaillard of South Africa.


Rules and Competition Proposals Published for 2008

The deadline for the submission of rules proposals for the 2008 contest season has now passed. Various CIVA member countries have submitted rules proposals as well as papers to initiate discussion on new competition formats. In addition, plans are already underway for the 2009 World Air Games in Turin, Italy and rules for this event will be discussed at Sub-Committee and the CIVA plenary in October in Vilnius, Lithuania. The proposals are available for download at www.fai.org/aerobatics/documents/proposals

Judges Elected by Bureau for Grand Prix in Russia

The CIVA Bureau completed its selection of judges and officials for the 2007 World Grand Prix event that is to take place in Russia this summer. John Gaillard (RSA) will be serving as Chief Judge of the event. Judges will be L-G. Arvidsson (SWE), Valentina Drokina (RUS), Quintin Hawthorne (RSA), and Graham Hill (GBR). Osmo Jalovaara will serve as CIVA's jury member at the event. The Grand Prix (number 25 on the circuit) will take place at Zhukovsky on 25-26 August and is under the direction of Jean-Louis Monnet. The WGPA series is an FAI First Category Championships.

CIVA Rules Proposals due on 1 June 2007

The deadline for proposed rules changes for 2008 is 1 June 2007. Proposals are to be forwarded directly to CIVA President Mike Heuer. His email address is mike@mheuer.com.