World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Hanna Cardenas Rubio (COL)

Sport Accuracy Landing
Gender F
Ranking 109
Nationality COL
Year of birth 1978
Start year in the sport 2010
Experience 100 jumps
Best achievement in competition 2nd place, Bjelasnica 2012

What equipment do you use?

Swing Arcus 5 parachute, Kamasutra harness, Plusmax helmet

What do you hope to achieve at The World Games?

First place in The World Games

How do you describe yourself ?

I am a hardworking person, temperamental, feisty, friendly and supportive of my teammates. I enjoy laughing a lot, spend fun times. My personality influences my style of flying in the need to be in constant improvement and try to be always the best.

What does air sport mean to you?

It is everything!

What plans do you have for after The World Games?

I want to participate in 7th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship

Any final comments?

Paragliding in Colombia needs more support from the government and private companies to allow this sport to realise its potential.