World Games 2013 athlete's profile: Elisa Manueke (INA)

Sport Accuracy Landing
Gender M
Ranking 6
Nationality INA
Year of birth 1961
Start year in the sport 1999
Experience 6720 jumps
Best achievement in competition Third place in PGAWC Germani & Superfinal PGAWC Austria 2012

What equipment do you use?

Hook 3

What do you hope to achieve at The World Games?

Gold Medal

How do you describe yourself ?

I work as an eye doctor in the Indonesian Airforce. They support me very much

What does air sport mean to you?

When I fly it makes me feel small in front of of God. Makes good character, diciplines and keep healthy. Knowing my limits. Whenever I have time, I fly.

What plans do you have for after The World Games?

Join the PGAWC Competition. And national competition.

More about the athlete

A long-time hang glider and paraglider pilot, Elisa Manueke (52) from Indonesia was first attracted to Paragliding Accuracy just three years ago when the sport first started in Asia.