FAI Invites Nominations for the Breitling Milestone Trophy and the Breitling Youngster Award

FAI-Breitling-Awards-2We are now calling for nominations for the FAI-Breitling Awards for 2015: the Breitling Milestone Trophy and the Breitling Youngster Award. Both awards will be presented in September at the Awards Ceremony of the FAI General Conference in Rotterdam (Netherlands), where the winners will be invited and hosted by Breitling.

The Breitling Milestone Trophy is reserved for an individual or a group of individuals having achieved a significant milestone, technological step or invention in aeronautics or astronautics (first flight, new technology, etc.) during the previous year and that might contribute to future developments, especially in the practice of air sports.

The Breitling Youngster Award is reserved for a youngster who, during the previous 12 months and before the date of his 26th birthday:

  • Achieved an outstanding sporting performance. This means a performance which is considered by the nominating authority as beyond the normal level of performance compared to what can usually be done, or
  • Excelled in a certain area of his sport and is considered as a reference, or
  • Significantly contributed to the development and promotion of aeronautics or astronautics.

Both awards were created in 2013. Since then, the Breitling Milestone Trophy was awarded to Copenhagen Suborbitals which designed, built and launched the world’s first amateur-built full size rocket with full computer control and steering. The Breitling Youngster Award honoured Robert Rizk, a 14 years old boy who won the title of Advanced National Champion in Glider Aerobatics, and Ryan Campbell, who completed a solo around the world flight at the age of 19 years.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the deadline for the receipt of nominations is 31 May 2015.

Further details regarding the FAI-Breitling Awards, including the nomination process and eligibility, can be found on the dedicated FAI website's page.

We are looking forward to receiving brilliant applications!

About Breitling

A specialist in technical watches, Breitling has played a crucial role in the development of the wrist chronograph. Thanks to its sturdy, reliable and high-performance instruments, the company has also shared the remarkable conquests of the skies and remains the privileged partner of aviation professionals and devotees. Breitling, one of the last remaining independent Swiss watch brands, also produces its own mechanical chronograph movement, entirely developed and manufactured in its own workshops, making the brand as unique and dynamic as the exceptional aviation teams and individuals that fly the company’s colors.