IT Expert Group

Task List 2014


  • To address specific IT related needs or problems brought to the group by ASC’s (via FAI Head Office/HO and/or FAI Executive Board/EB), HO or EB.
  • To improve FAI’s readiness to provide IT related services to NACs and ASCs.
  • To monitor for and study new IT solutions that could be used within FAI.

First Goals

  • Plan a concept allowing data mining from the information in FAI databases taking into consideration among other things:
    • Access rights to the data (some sensitive data might be included in the DB).
    • Data security
    • Office routines or the original data in the FAI databases may not be compromised
    • Usability of the data mining tools (api, application, web interface)
    • Suggest a policy for the use of the data to the EB for approval (ASC, NAC, Research etc. use)
    • Database structure
  • Find a low cost solution to create the data mining db, api and frontend.
  • Find a solution for FAI persons data structure including:
    • Creation of unique keys
    • Data security
  • Find solutions to improve the work of HO, NAC’s and event organizers when performing FAI related tasks like:
    • Entering data to the Sporting license db
    • Managing entries for a competition or other event
    • Reporting competition results to FAI or ranking systems
  • Find solutions to improve the FAI website.




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