Education Expert Group

The FAI Aviation and Space Education Commission (CIEA) was converted into an FAI Expert Group during the 108th FAI General Conference held in Pattaya on 17 and 18 October.

Presidents of Honour of the CIEA remain: Mr. Max Bishop, Mr. Ian Bowen, Mr. Osmo Jalovaara, Mr. Raymond J. Johnson, Dr. Wayne R. Matson and Mr. Kamal Naguib.


Task List 2014


  • To find how to allow and encourage the next generations to fly
  • To increase level of awareness of Education and expand education projects
  • To preserve and expand the FAI young artists contest
  • To expand and strengthen the existing international network in the field of Education


  • Persuade people and others to see the attraction of our activities and to entice them to want to try them.
  • Set up programs reusable by NACs on national level for introduction to air sports
  • Expanding of the FAI Young Artist Contest and assure a larger participation
  • Use all the latest technologies to ensure its policy and goals (games, posters, videos, etc)
  • Support the FAI Trainees Program
  • Preserving and deepen the contacts with IACE
  • At least 4 Skype meetings per year with fixed dates, more if needed





Task List EEG 2014  (30.27 kB)24 January 2014
Education EG - Policy & Goals  (35.43 kB)30 October 2014
CIEA Policy History (1992-2006)  (283.29 kB)30 October 2014