FAI Flag Flies Over Jämi

The 1st World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships and 10th European Glider Aerobatic Championships in Unlimited category opened today at 10.00 in Jämi, Finland. Taking advantage of good weather, the Contest Director, Kari Kemppi decided to start flying on Saturday, 17 July, and ahead of schedule. Two flight programmes were completed -- the Known compulsory flights in Advanced and Unlimited. The official opening ceremony was delayed to accommodate the flying, which is everyone's top priority. Tapio Pitkänen, President of the Finnish Aeronautical Association, welcomed everyone to Jämi and Finland and spoke of the 75 year anniversary of this airfield which was observed this year. Jämi is the capitol of Finnish glider flying. Mike Heuer, President of CIVA and the International Jury at this Championships made the official opening on behalf of FAI. Weather permitting, Advanced category will continue today with the 1st Unknown.