Aresti Cup

Aresti cupThe Aresti Cup, donated by Col. Jose L. Aresti of Spain to the FAI in the 1960's, is presented to the World Aerobatic Champion. The trophy was first presented in 1964 to Tomas Castano of Spain.

Not only the most prestigious award given in competition, the Aresti Cup is also truly a work of art --- created in silver with gold embellishments and featuring gold coins around its diameter symbolizing member nations of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. The trophy is topped with a golden globe which featured Col. Aresti's favorite aircraft, the Bücker Jungmeister, but which has now been lost to time. The names of past Champions are engraved around the base of the trophy.

Jose L. Aresti was the creator and author of the “Aresti Aerocryptographic System”, still in use today in all aerobatic competitions.
World Aerobatic Champions since the first World Championships was held in 1960 include:

1960 Bratislava, Czechoslovakia Ladislav Bezák Czechoslovakia
1962 Budapest, Hungary Josef Tóth Hungary
1964 Bilbao, Spain Tomas Castano Spain
1966 Moscow, USSR Vladimir Martemianov USSR
1968 Magdeburg, GDR Erwin Bläske GDR
1970 Hullavington, UK Igor Egorov USSR
1972 Salon de Provence, France Charlie Hillard USA
1974 Competition not held
1976 Kiev, USSR Victor Letsko USSR
1978 Ceské Budéjovice, Czech. Ivan Tucek Czechoslovakia
1980 Oshkosh, USA Leo Loudenslager USA
1982 Spitzerberg, Austria Victor Smolin USSR
1984 Békéscaba, Hungary Petr Jirmus Czechoslovakia
1986 South Cerney, UK Petr Jirmus Czechoslovakia
1988 Red Deer, Canada Henry Haigh USA
1990 Yverdon, Switzerland Claude Bessiere France
1992 La Havre, France Competition not completed due to weather
1994 Debrecin, Hungary Xavier de Lapparent France
1996 Oklahoma City, USA Victor Chmal Russia
1998 Trencin, Slovakia Patrick Paris France
2000 Muret, France Eric Vazeille France
2001 Burgos, Spain Mikhail Mamistov Russia
2003 Lakeland, Florida, USA Sergey Rakhmanin Russia
2005 Burgos, Spain Sergey Rakhmanin Russia
2007 Granada, Spain Ramon Alonso Spain
2009 Silverstone, United Kingdom Renaud Ecalle France
2011 Foligno, Italy Mikhail Mamistov Russia

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