Glider Proposals for 2012 Available

The deadline for submission of rules proposals for both powered and glider aerobatics has now passed and the Rules & Known Sequence Proposals Package for 2012 (Glider Aerobatics) is now available. Only France and Germany submitted rules proposals this year but several countries proposed Known compulsory sequences for the 2012 contest season.

This package of proposals will be considered by the CIVA Glider Aerobatics Sub-Committee (GASC) when it meets in Torun, Poland during the World Glider and World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships in late July and early August. Chairman of the GASC is Jerzy Makula of Poland. Once these proposals are considered, the GASC's recommendations will be forward to CIVA Delegates and considered during the Commission's plenary meeting in November. Power proposals will be available soon. The package can be downloaded below in PDF. Note: The document was modified on 13 July 2011. A revised Glider Advanced Known sequence proposal "B" was inserted.