CIVA Bidding Document for Championships Available

grandprix2Though the contest season is now in progress with the WGAC/WAGAC underway at this moment and with other Championships coming up shortly, it is important that CIVA begin planning for the 2012 aerobatic season and the years beyond. Lack of bids for Championships or bids that come in after the CIVA plenary meeting has been a problem. Bids must also be reviewed to be sure they are adequate, they contain the information needed, and the Championships will be of the highest quality -- something all competitors and officials deserve.

Therefore, a <File missing> for FAI Aerobatic Championships is now available along with Bid Forms in Microsoft Word format, <File missing> and PDF, <File missing>.

It is important to note that this is not a contest operations handbook but simply a document that guides persons and organizations who may be interested in hosting an FAI Aerobatic Championships. It provides the information potential bidders must have to prepare a bid for CIVA and to make sure they have all elements in place for a successful event. The documents can be downloaded below in PDF.

To be sure bids are proper and complete, a new procedure will be instituted this year. The deadline for bidding will be 1 October 2012. The Bid Form must be back in to the CIVA President's hands (civa-president@fai.org) by that date. After 1 October, the bid applications will be circulated to the CIVA Bureau for review and questions. They will insure all information is there and may elect to issue a recommendation of their own on who should be selected to host an event. Anyone interested in hosting an FAI Championships should consult this document and direct any questions to the CIVA President, Mike Heuer.