EAAC Underway in Poland

The 6th European Advanced Aerobatic Championships is now underway at Piastow Airfield in Radom, Poland. 46 pilots and one independent (also called "Hors Concours" pilots or H/C) have entered the event from 15 countries. The contest is under the direction of Stanislav Bajzik of the Czech Republic. Chief Judge is Pavol Kavka of Slovakia. Countries entering EAAC are Belgium, Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Sweden. YAK 55As of this writing, Programme Q has been completed and Programme 1 (the Free) is just about complete. The Programme Q Gold Medal winner was Tamas Nadas of Hungary flying an Extra 300LP. Teams also submitted their proposals for the 1st Unknown and the Jury has made its selection. This is available as a PDF download below. Flying of the 1st Unknown will likely begin tomorrow, 10 August. This will also be the first year an Advanced Championships will incorporate a "Free Unknown". Teams can submit sequences based on a fixed set of figures that are also submitted by Teams at a special briefing. Pilots are then allowed to choose any of the sequences proposed by Teams after they have been checked for legality. Complete results can be found at www.civa-results.com.