Rules Proposals Due 1 July 2010

The CIVA Rules, Judging, and Glider Aerobatics Sub-Committees will be meeting prior to or during the World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships in Jami, Finland in July to consider the various rules proposals submitted by Delegates for the 2011 contest season and beyond. The deadline for the submission of rules proposals, which must come from Delegates, is 1 July 2010. Rules proposals are to be submitted directly to the President of CIVA, Mike Heuer, by email (mike@mheuer.com). Once these rules proposals are reviewed by Sub-Committees, their recommendations will be forwarded to CIVA for consideration at its plenary meeting in early November in Germany. Proposals for the 2011 Glider Advanced and Glider Unlimited Known sequences must also be submitted by 1 July. Deadline for Power sequences will be announced at a later date.