Matti Peura

Matti Peura - Finnish Glider Aerobatic Champion in 2005We are sad to report the passing of Matti Peura of Finland last night, on the 26th of July, 2010. Matti was a member of the CIVA Glider Aerobatics Sub-Committee and an enthusiastic supporter and advocate for glider aerobatics for many years. He was particularly involved in initiative to bring the World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships to Finland - the first one just having been completed last Saturday, 24 July, in Jämi. Only 48 years old, Matti died of prions disease, a very rare ailment. A glider aerobatic pilot himself, he was several times the Finnish Glider Aerobatic Champion, the first Nordic Glider Aerobatic Champion, and was preparing for the FAI Championships in Jämi when he became ill in May. On the evening of 24 July, at the closing ceremonies for the WAGAC and EGAC in Finland, CIVA President Mike Heuer dedicated the Championships to Matti Peura on behalf of FAI and in tribute to his contributions to glider aerobatics and his role in making that Championships become a reality. The Championships were a success attracting nearly 60 pilots in Advanced and Unlimited categories and particularly noteworthy was the involvement of many new, young pilots in FAI Aerobatic Championship competition. This makes this event an even more fitting tribute to Matti's memory. His last appearance at CIVA was in 2007 in Vilnius when he reported on the European Advanced Aerobatic Championships held in Joensuu, Finland. He was very well regarded by his colleagues at the Commission. Our condolences to his many friends and family.