Free Unknown Completed at WAAC - Vignes in 1st Place Overall

Baptiste VignesPreliminary results for Programme 2, the Free Unknown, were published today at 16.27 local time. As of this writing, Baptiste Vignes of France is in the first place position overall in the Championships. Baptiste is flying the CAP 231 (F-GVFF). Following him in second place is Nigel Hopkins of South Africa, flying an MX-2, and in third Anton Berkulov of Russia in a YAK 55. The 2nd Unknown is now in progress at the airfield and will continue until nearly sunset as the Judges and contest officials work hard to complete this final flight programme before time runs out early tomorrow afternoon. Closing ceremonies and awards givings are scheduled for Saturday evening, September 14th. Complete results are available at www.civa-results.com.