Renaud Ecalle and Family Lost in Aircraft Accident

Renaud Ecalle, the current World Aerobatic Champion, European Aerobatic Champion, French National Champion and World Air Games Aerobatic Champion in Power lost his life in an aircraft accident on Sunday, the 3rd of October, that also claimed the lives of his wife and two children. The family was returning to Salon on Sunday night after a presentation near Montpelier. Search and rescue personnel found the wreckage on Monday afternoon. The funeral was held today in Salon de Provence at the Air Base Chapel. This is a tremendous loss to the air sports world and the aerobatic community. Renaud was one of the finest aerobatic pilots of all time -- perhaps the greatest. At the recent European Aerobatic Championships, he took the Gold Medal in all flight programmes. CIVA's condolences are extended to the family and the many friends of the Ecalle's. The French Team has lost a wonderful colleague and teammate and our sympathies are extended to them and the coach of the French Team, Coco Bessiere, who worked with Renaud for years to perfect his skills. Renaud Ecalle