Judges Selected for 2011 FAI Aerobatic Championships

The CIVA Judging Sub-Committee has completed the selection process for Judges and their selections have been ratified by the Bureau. CIvA is very pleased to announce the following Judges have been selected for this year's FAI Aerobatic Championships: 26th World Aerobatic Championships Graham Hill (Chief Judge, elected by CIVA) Timo Bartholdi (FIN), Mikhail Bezdenezhnykh (RUS), John Gaillard (RSA), Mike Gallaway (USA), Violeta Gedminaite (LIT), Francis Itier (FRA), Vladimir Kotelnikov (RUS), Aldo Marengo (ITA), Gabor Talabos, Sr (HUN), and Lyudmyla Zelenina (UKR). 2nd World Advanced & 14th World Unlimited Glider Aerobatic Championships Philippe Kuechler (Chief Judge, elected by CIVA) Stanislav Bajzik (CZE), Bernard Courtois (FRA), Alan Dugas (FRA), Jan Gawecki (POL), Stephan Hau (GER), David Kaftan (CZE), Peter Lambert (AUT), Jan Maxen (DEN), Chris Rudd (USA, and Gabor Talabos, Jr (HUN). 7th European Advanced Aerobatic Championships Nick Buckenham (Chief Judge, elected by CIVA) Guy Auger (FRA), Maciej Bialek (POL), Bernard Courtois (FRA), Violeta Gedminaite (LIT), Philippe Kuecher (SUI), Vladimir Razhin (RUS), Chris Rudd (USA), Gabor Talabos, Sr (HUN), Kimmo Virtanen (FIN), and Lyudmyla Zelenina (UKR). It should be noted that though the countries are listed above next to the Judges' names, all Judges are required to act as FAI International Officials and do not represent their countries (in accordance with FAI Sporting Code, General Section). The country names are provided for reference only. My congratulations to all of these Judges on their selection and thanks for agreeing to serve at our Championships and helping to make them a success.