CIVA Chooses Known Compulsory Sequences for 2012

knownqsequencesThe FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA) held its plenary meeting last weekend in Krakow, Poland and one of the items on the Agenda was the selection of Known/Q compulsory sequences for the 2012 competition season.
Knowns were chosen for all Power and Glider Aerobatic categories including Advanced, Unlimited, and YAK-52.  These sequences will take effect on the 1st of January, 2012.  They are available for download in PDF and the files include all Forms needed for competitions.  These Knowns are usually adopted by NAC's for use in domestic competitions as well.


2012 Advanced Power Known (Q) Sequence  (62.42 kB)11 November 2011
2012 Unlimited Power Known (Q) Sequence  (117.67 kB)11 November 2011
2012 Yak 52 Known (Q) Sequence  (104.68 kB)11 November 2011
2012 Unlimited Glider Known (Q) Sequence  (105.65 kB)11 November 2011
2012 Advanced Glider Known (Q) Sequence  (112.30 kB)11 November 2011