Sporting Code Now Available (Powered Aerobatics)

DSC 4799
The FAI Sporting Code for Aerobatics -- Section 6, Part 1 is now available under the "Documents" page on this website. 

<File missing> can be downloaded in PDF. Part 1 is for Unlimited, Advanced, and YAK 52 powered aerobatic competitions. 

These rules will be in use at this year's FAI Aerobatic Championships in Hungary, the Slovak Republic, and Russia.  Hungary will host the 2012 World Advanced Aerobatic Championships; Slovakia will organize the European Aerobatic Championships in Unlimited power category.  Finally, Russia will bring its considerable aerobatic expertise to bear in putting on the World YAK52 Aerobatic Championships. 

Please note that the 2012-2 version of Part 1 was posted on 9 February 2012 to correct small errors.  Previous versions are obsolete.