World YAK52 Aerobatic Championships Underway in Russia

The 3rd FAI World YAK-52 Aerobatic Championships opened on Saturday, the 23rd of June and is now underway in Russia.  The even is being held in Bolshoe Gryzlovo and has attracted 23 pilots representing seven countries. 

The event is relatively new to CIVA and is restricted to the well-known YAK-52 aircraft, a two-seat aerobatic trainer, that was buillt in the thousands during the Soviet era.  It is a rugged trainer that remains popular today and is seen in aviation events around the world. 

The Championships website can be visited here.  Results are available now from that site. 

The photo below features an aerobatic team which performed during the Opening Ceremonies of the Championships.  The competition ends on the 30th of June.