2013 FAI Awards Ceremony

2013-FAI-Awards-CeremonyThe 2013 FAI Awards Ceremony took place last Thursday night at the Royale Chulan Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event, which is one of the highlights of the year for the federation, honours all those who made outstanding contributions to the world of aeronautics and astronautics.

This year’s ceremony was particularly notable for the first awarding of the two new FAI Breitling Awards: the Breitling Milestone Trophy and the Breitling Youngster Award. Both eminent awards, which were established last year by the FAI and its Global Sponsor Breitling, distinguish respectively an individual or a group having achieved a significant milestone and a youngster below 26 years old for his great achievements. Unlike the FAI awards, whose recipients were named after a vote by the FAI Vice Presidents, the FAI Breitling awardees were selected by a jury composed of three Breitling Representatives and three FAI Representatives.

The new skillfully crafted FAI Breitling Awards, together with the prestigious FAI Awards including the FAI Gold Air Medal, were handed out to the distinguished recipients by FAI President John Grubbström along with his hearty congratulations.

The awards ceremony was part of the opening ceremony to the 107th FAI General Conference which was held on Friday and Saturday in Kuala Lumpur.

The attending recipients included:

FAI Awards

FAI Gold Air Medal

It is one of FAI's two highest awards. it is reserved for those who have contributed greatly to the development of aeronautics by their activities, work, achievements, initiative or devotion to the cause of Aviation.

  • Mikhail MAMISTOV (RUS)

FAI Silver Medal

The Silver Medal is reserved for persons who have occupied high office in FAI or in an aeronautical organisation in one ot its member countries, and in the discharge of their duties have shown exceptional powers of leadership and influence, to the benefit of the whole international air sport community.

  • Arthur W. GREENFIELD (USA)

Group Diploma of Honour

This Diploma was established in 1965 by the FAI to recognize groups of people (design offices, scientific bodies, aeronautical publications, etc) that have contributed significantly to the progress of Aeronautics and Astronautics during the previous year or years.

  • Russian Aeronautical Society (RAS) (RUS)
  • The Central House of Aviation and Space of Russia / Nomination for Astronautics (RUS)

Paul Tissandier Diploma

This diploma is awarded to those who have served the cause of aviation in general and sporting aviation in particular, by their work or devotion.

  • Mary-Anne STEVENS (CAN)
  • Mario Arenas WILDNER (CHI)
  • Eng. Samir Abdel Raouf LABIB (EGY)
  • Andrea TOMASI (ITA)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Basir Bin Abdul RAHMAN (MAS)
  • Juan Ramón Álvarez CARAMAZANA   (ESP)
  • Yvonne Margaret LOADER (NZL)

Lilienthal Gliding Medal

The diploma is awarded for a particularly remarkable gliding performance, or eminent services to gliding, to a currently active glider pilot.

  • Robert G. HENDERSON (NZL)

Nile Gold Medal

This medal is awarded to a person, group of persons or organization to reward distinguished work in the field of aerospace education, particularly during the year preceding the award.

  • Yuri VETROV (RUS)

Charles Lindbergh General Aviation Diploma

This diploma may be awarded annually on a proposal by the FAI General Aviation Commission to : - individuals that have contributed significantly over a period of not less than ten years to the progress and success of General Aviation in either air sport or transportation, or in the work of international bodies concerned with General Aviation ; or - to recognize technical breakthroughs in the field of General Aviation as an incentive toward general progress, and for the purpose of stimulating research and development of new concepts and equipment contributing to operational efficiency and flight safety.

  • Jiri DODAL (CZE)

Leon Biancotto Aerobatics Diploma

This diploma may be awarded on the recommendation of the FAI Aerobatics Commission to individuals or organisations that have contributed significantly to the sport of aerobatics.

  • Pavol KAVKA (SVK)

In total, 70 medals and diplomas were awarded for achievements in 2012.

FAI Breitling Awards

Breitling Milestone Trophy

This trophy is reserved for an individual or a group of individuals having achieved a significant milestone, technological step or invention in aeronautics or astronautics (first flight, new technology, etc.) during the previous year and that might contribute to future developments, especially in the practice of air sports.

  • Copenhagen Suborbitals (DEN)

Breitling Youngster Award

The Breitling Youngster Award is reserved for a youngster who, during the previous 12 months and before the date of his 26th birthday: achieved an outstanding sporting performance. This means a performance which is considered by the nominating authority as beyond the normal level of performance compared to what can usually be done; or excelled in a certain area of his sport and is considered as a reference; or significantly contributed to the development and promotion of aeronautics or astronautics.

  • Robert Rizk (GBR)


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