FAI Confirms that Borschberg’s Solo Flight Is the Longest Ever Achieved in an Airplane

solar-impulse-nagoya-hawaiiFAI confirms that at 22:48 UTC Swiss Pilot André Borschberg superseded Steve Fossett’s 2005 duration performance by flying solo for more than 74 h 56 min 05 s above the Pacific Ocean on an airplane.

Borschberg is currently en route to Hawaii at the controls of solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse. He took off from Nagoya on Sunday at 18:03 UTC (03:03 local time).

On 3 March 2005, Steve Fossett was the first man to fly solo around the world unrefuelled on board the Virgin Atlantic “Global Flyer” aircraft.

FAI will ratify the world record performances of Borschberg achieved during his flight to Hawaii.

FAI wishes him the best of luck on his endeavour.

(photo credit: Solar Impulse)