Launch of the FAI On-line Helicopter Competition

Helicopter competition 2The FAI has just launched the FAI On-line Helicopter Competition with the aim of giving the opportunity to helicopter pilots from all around the world to pit their skills against each other in an exciting and easy to organise competition. The first year runs from 1 April 2012.

The concept is simple: a crew consisting of a pilot and a single bucket operator issue a challenge by internet or direct email to another crew outside the challenger’s country. If the challenge is accepted, the crews agree on a date for the challenge to take place. An FAI/CIG International Judge or a National Airsport Control (NAC) representative observes and ratifies the challenge to ensure the respect of the rules. The full details and the photographic evidence are sent by each crew to the FAI/CIG-Official Judge and to the crew challenged. Once approved by the Judge the results will be published on the FAI/CIG web page.

There is no limit in the number of challenges that a crew can make in the course of a calendar year, provided that the number of scored attempts in the same day isn’t greater than three.

David Hamilton, President of the FAI Rotorcraft Commission said: “The Competition gives the first opportunity for helicopters to challenge each other’s skill without leaving their home base. It has been designed to reduce the cost and to encourage inter-club and inter-country competition. It can be carried out on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning and that it for the competitors to decide. I am also delighted to announce that the Deutscher Aero Club have been very generous in offering a trophy for the winning team. On behalf of the Commission I thank them. Very shortly we will be announcing the rules for the new micro-light helicopter competition for both dual and single seater machines. This will also, in the future, be absorbed into the on-line competition.”